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Money is one of the most common topics in western culture. Almost any newspaper, book, movie or other form of collective information media is talking about it, in one form or another. Without any doubt, money has become an obsession of the western culture, one of the most materialistic culture in whole history. Money seems to be the subtle engine that rules the modern world. It’s hard to find these days a single area in the western culture where money hasn’t been yet involved.

Today I’d like to share some of my thoughts about money. Or, to be more precise, about money and you.

When it comes to money, you can have only two positions: you are either deprived, in poverty, either in excess, in abundance. There are only those two simple positions one can have relating to money. 

Of course, we can further refine those positions and find situations in which people who can be considered wealthy are feeling a constant money deprivation and are in need for more, and situations in which people who can be considered living in poverty are in no need for money at all. But these are just particular cases of those two money situations: you either feel you have too much, either you feel you have to little…

People who have enough money – and doesn’t feel any deprivation at all – are usually happy people. They tend to have a normal life, and enjoy positive emotions, like joy, happiness or enthusiasm. People who don’t have enough money – or people that are constantly feeling money deprivation – are not happy people. They tend to experience negative emotions, to be frustrated and sad. Their lives are usually considered “out of sync”, and this lack of synchronization can often lead to physical imbalance, illness or mental troubles.

The way you relate to money, the way you feel and act about money, is a very important part of your life. You can tell by the position you have about this subject if you are a fulfilled person, if you are using your whole potential, or, on the contrary, if you are living under your potential.

Because money isn’t just numbers into a bank account. The social pressure for measuring money was – and still is – very powerful, and most of the people are socially conditioned to think money in terms of numbers. If possible, increasing numbers… But those numbers are just a convention used for measuring something, it doesn’t describe the true nature of money.

Money is brute energy declined into matter. 

Wow! I saw you: “What’s wrong with this guy? What is this energy mambo-jumbo? Money is just money”… 

Well, let’s try for a while a new definition, a new mental model for money, and see if it fits our needs. It surely fit my needs, that I can say.

What exactly means “money are brute energy declined into matter”? 

It means that each time something has to be manifested with more energy than it can acquire and control by itself, money appears. Money is an energy form. It comes here in order to manifest something. A house, a company, a lifestyle. It is supporting our own creative process. In itself, money is useless. Like any form of energy who hasn’t been already directed to an outcome.

Imagine a car. If the car is not moving, all the energy that lies in the car engine is not used. If the car receives a destination, all the energy in the engine start to manifest, and the car start moving. It’s the same thing with money. It is already there, like the energy in the car engine, but it needs a clear destination in order to start moving towards your chosen goal.

That means that in order to manifest money you should first start by manifesting the specific matter you have in mind. Manifest a house, a company, an investment, a lifestyle, and then you will be able to manifest money more easily. If you start thinking that money is just a consequence of your actions, not a goal for your actions, you will have much more success on attracting money.

What happens if you want money just like that, without a specific goal in which they should manifest? Well, you will just start to pile energy over energy over energy. At some point, this unused energy will start to manifest into matter, without your control. It’s hard to say what it will become, because it will take the first available form. It can become your illness, or your mental trouble, or it will just go from you in one big turn, and head towards other destination, when it will easily manifest into some specific form, that somebody else imagined. And it will do that because you didn’t found a use to it.

Most of the time, when money is accumulated without a specific goal, it will tend to manifest in spiral. Without a proper destination, that flow of energy will just want more of itself. This is why some people who have lots of money are still feeling deprived and want more.

Now, what happens if you already manifested everything you want in your life, and don’t need money at all? And by “already manifested everything” I understand that you just don’t need to manifest something new. For instance, you can be really rich and not be in need for more physical wealth, or you can be a regular guy that have everything he needs. In both cases you manifested what you wanted without a need for more energy. (How you did it is not a subject of this post, enough to say that you can connect to many forms of energy in this universe and manifest everything you want). For now, let’s just say you already have a good balance with the universe, and either you manifested things just like that, either you don’t need anymore to manifest something into matter. What happens then? Well, the money has no reason to come to you, You are energetically balanced.

This is why people who have enough money, or doesn’t have any deprivation feelings about money, are usually happy people. The energy flow is correctly directed. They don’t have imbalanced areas in their matter/energy fields.

The energy-based definition of money was an important change of perspective for me. It helped me in at least 4 areas:

– I don’t need to think of money in absolute terms, like numbers or quantities you “own”: if it’s only energy, I start to think of “what I can do with it”, and not at “what can I be with if I have it”. Having energy is quite strange, but using energy to create things is one activity that we, humans, are quite good at…

– I started to feel less guilt and shame (people who experience extreme richness or poverty are usually experiencing guilt and shame). Because money are just a form of energy, I don’t need to be ashamed for it. Either for having too much of it or for not having it at all… It’s like rain, when there is a need for it, it will start flowing.

– I understood that money, despite their social conditioning, is just another tool for supporting our creative process. Don’t reject it, money is not “bad” or “good” in itself. If you can’t connect to a better source of energy to fulfill your desire, money is just as good as any other energy source.

– And perhaps the most important area: money doesn’t solve problems, people are solving problems. Don’t build your life around having money as a total solution for your life. Start thinking of what you really really want, and if money is the only way of getting it. You’ll soon find out that most of the time there is more than one way of getting what you want.

So, take the time to think at money as a just a field of energy that will manifest into matter. It will surely change your perspective. Not to mention your bank account :-).

11 thoughts on “Money and you”

  1. Attracting money has been a hot topic for many. In simple terms – you receive what you project. If you have constant financial problems – chances are you have subconscious mind blockages that attract what you don’t want.
    manifesting money

  2. Really enjoyed your article Dragos.

    Money is such an emotionally charged issue. It really pushes our buttons. We attract or repel money with our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and expectations.

  3. I enjoyed reading this blog…its bound to be a very liberating experience if one allows for this approach to sink in. And I do agree with you, that money is only one of the energy flows one can tap to manifest ones needs, wishes or dreams….one of the largest source available is ofcourse -goodwill of the people you know, or might just barely know….

  4. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for commenting and glad I gave you at least some food for thoughts. Feel free to spread the word, if you liked the article. Have an excellent week 🙂

  5. Excellent post, a nice twist on the prospective of money and where it fits into our lives. I found your final thought very inspiring:

    “money doesn’t solve problems, people are solving problems. Don’t build your life around having money as a total solution for your life. Start thinking of what you really really want, and if money is the only way of getting it. You’ll soon find out that most of the time there is more than one way of getting what you want.”

    I am definitely guilty of being too focused on money, sometimes it’s just so damn easy to get caught up in “stuff” when really I know I could be just as happy without it (well most of it). Thanks for your thoughtful post this morning it really made me think.

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