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More Blog Content – The Series

In the last (almost) 100 days, since I started this blog, I realized I wrote stuff following several patterns. Some of them were assumed, like the fact that this blog is – primarily – about GTD and productivity, some of them just emerged from the blogging activity itself.

It’s very interesting to see how the blog content was actually formed, how it was gathered, organized and published. It’s like an evolving mirror of yourself. Some of the things you do are obvious, some of them not, but the whole picture is starting to appear from all those little pieces.

Two of the series I started in this blog are now promoted to the rank of the meta-categories. They belong to standard blog categories, but also formed their own meta-category, which wasn’t there at the beginning, and for which I don’t feel the urge to add a new standard category. Instead, I will place them on the link bar above.

Maybe you noticed that I have two new links: GTD Tips, and Habit interruption. Those are the things that naturally emerged from the blogging activity, and I think they are forming a pattern for what I blog about, and why.

The GTD tips are small bits and pieces that I find almost without looking, while researching for my perfect GTD setup. They’re easy to identify, easy to put together and easy to remember. And putting them together increases the clarity of the entire approach towards productivity.

As for the habit interruption series, I’m still at the beginning and I don’t know yet how it will unfold. For now, I can only tell you that I discovered how important habit interruption is. Forming new habits is great, but without a proper approach to get rid of the toxic, or unhealthy habits, well, we’re stuck in a dangerous place.


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The World, Dripping - All You Need Is Attention

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  1. Habits are life by repetition, or borrowed life. We act so much by habits most of the time that we don’t even realize that. If we could just live each and every second as it would be the first – and not a rehearsed one – our lives would be immensley different…

    The only trick is that if you chose to interrupt one habit, most likely you will replace it with another habit…

  2. I have only been blogging a short time and it has been interesting to note that my site is becoming a reflection of me. My daily thoughts are laid out transparent for all to see. I’m going to read up some more on habitual interruption. Not familiar with that.

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