My Most Downloaded Mind Maps – reloaded

Mind mapping is not only one of my favorite’s way of brainstorming and idea forging, but it was also a constant topic on this blog, since the very beginning. I first published a mind map on 8th February 2007 more than one an a half year from now. It was a Meeting Mind Map Template, which people found quite useful if I look at the number of downloads since then, more than 1000! The most recent mind map was called Put Your Blog Into A Mind Map , published on July 17th this year, and it was conceived as a tool for enhancing productivity and effectiveness of a professional blogger. I was quite pleasantly surprised the other day when I noticed that a StumbleUpon user reviewed it. So I thought it’s time for me to post another list of my most downloaded mind maps just to see how they performed and how and when people found them interesting.

Before going further I’ll remind you that I use the excellent Mike Jolley’s plugin for downloadable content, and the mind maps are in the Mindjet’s Mind Manager format. You don’t have to buy the software in order to see the map presented below, there’s a free viewer at Mindjet website. But you will need to buy a license if you want to create your own mind maps.

So, here’s the updated list of my most downloaded mind maps. Next to each mind map link you’ll see the updated number of downloads, and right after that the number of downloads as on September 4th 2008. That’s for the case you’ll came back to this post after several months and see how the numbers changed.

  1. [download#1] 1040
  2. [download#6]: 771
  3. [download#5]: 748
  4. [download#4]: 516
  5. [download#3]: 438
  6. [download#2]: 420
  7. [download#7]: 192
  8. [download#8]: 87

As you can easily see, the Meeting Mind Map Template is still the star with over 1000 downloads in around 500 days, which gives an approximate of 2 downloads per day. For such a specialized type of content I think it’s quite impressive. Second in place come the Procrastinator Mind Map, a funny way of using productivity techniques in order to procrastinate more. It was also an interesting exercise for me.

I’ll jump to the last 2 places, because the rest are just scaffolding mind maps for some of the posts I published and their main purpose was to show a real life application for mind mapping.

The 7th position is a mind map I created for a presentation I had in Bucharest several months ago. It is a little bit more complicated, yet pretty easy to follow. It was a very successful presentation and the mind map was also many times requested at the event.

And the last position is the mind map I constantly use in my blogging activities. What’s downloadable here is just a model, and in order to use it you have to fill in the blanks with your own posts, categories, social networking profiles, etc. But I use the same model filled in with my own posts, categories and topics. I must say that this tend to become one extremely useful mind map for me. And the number of downloads is showing this pretty clear, it has the highest download rate, more than 2 downloads per day, and I expect this to become the new mind map star.

But that’s, of course, entirely up to you, the readers of eDragonu’s blog 🙂 .

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12 thoughts on “My Most Downloaded Mind Maps – reloaded”

  1. OK, Christine, about that mind map download problem, I double checked it and it seems it’s a Safari issue only. When downloading, Safari tries to compress the file on the fly, add that .zip extension, and when it finish the download it attempts a decompression of the downloaded file. Which screws everything up.

    I recommend to use Firefox to download the files since I’ll find a better workaround. Which, by the way, I think it’s quite difficult to find, since it’s about the browser behavior…

    Anyway, please let me know if you had any other troubles after trying to download using Firefox for Mac.


  2. OK, Christine, I just re-tested and you’re right. I guess it’s because Safari automatically decompress the file and somehow it ends with a folder instead of a mmap file.

    I’ll look into it over the week-end, thanks for pointing this out for me.

  3. Yes, when I tried to download any of your files via safari, they went into my download folder as folders, yet they were missing .mmap extensions. Instead, I get a bunch of .xmg and .bin files, and a .png file…

  4. Christine

    The mind maps were created on a Mac also, so you shouldn’t have any problems at all. Can you give more details about this issue: the error message you get, the browser you use, etc.

    Thank you

  5. Hi Dragos,
    Thanks for creating the mindmaps. I am a mac user with mindmanager 7, but I can’t open any of the downloads on your site…. what do I need to do to get the actual mind manager templates suitable for mac??

  6. Thanks for pointing this out, it’s fixed now. I tested it and it worked, but if you guys notice again something strange, anything, just let me know 🙂


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