My Most Downloaded Mind Maps

In the last 30 days I posted in this blog 6 mind maps. Some of them were just drafts for the post itself, some of them were real tools that I considered useful.

I was curious about the amount of interest each map will receive, so I implemented them not as plain files on the server, but served by Mike Jolley’s excellent Download Monitor WordPress Plugin. So now I know for each mind map the exact number of downloads. Here is the list. You’ll see in the paranthesis the real-time number of downloads, and in plain text the number of downloads as for March 9th 2007:

  • [download#1]: 194 downloads
  • [download#5]: 133 downloads
  • [download#4]: 97 downloads
  • [download#6]: 65 downloads
  • [download#3]: 52 downloads
  • [download#2]: 27 downloads

What’s really interesting is that the 2 first places in the most popular mind map top, are also the first two positions in my most popular posts top (also as of March 9th 2007, keep in mind that the list can change over time).

An interesting newcomer is The Procrastinator Mind Map, considering it was the last mind map added, but I think the post about productively procrastinating was funny enough to make people keep a copy of the mind map for the same purpose.

What’s also interesting is the fact that the first positions are occupied by the tools, and drafts of the actual posts are at the end. It seems the visitors of this blog are quite used to mind mapping and are interested in the real stuff, not in the learn-by-example materials. Which is nice :-).

In the end, don’t forget about our mind mapping contest, we are only one day away to the end of submissions, remember, you can win a free Mind Manager license.

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