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Since I started to run, a couple of months ago, several interesting things happened. First, I experienced a lot with my schedule. Started with workouts in the morning, then decided to move them in the evening. Also, I drastically improved my running gear. For instance, I invested in a pair of running shoes, replacing my converse-like and ankle-injuring-prone shoes I was using. I also got and installed on my iPhone Nike+ GPS, which is a great app. One of the things I like a lot about it is that it can put on one of my playlists every time I run. So, I created a “running playlist” in iTunes and downloaded into my iPhone.

1. Heroes del Silencio – Entre Dos Tierras

2. Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence

3. Yes – Owner Of A Lonely Heart

3. Survivor- Eyes Of The Tiger

4. Van Halen – Jump

5. Bon Jovi – It’s My Life

All in all, I get to play this twice during a normal workout, which means I run about an hour. So far, it’s working pretty good, but as things will go wilder, I will most likely update it. I already know a few nice additions. Do you have any suggestions?

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  2. Great Stuff-started running myself and built my own Running playlist much the same way… tried to position the tunes at the right time to add the “pop’ when I needed it.Amazingly my runs got longer and I got quicker.Congrats man ! Keep it up! Love your stuff-appreciated!

  3. Sorry about my comment above. I tried to embed HTML, but it didn’t work. I would have deleted it (my comment), but apparently I can’t do that either. I apologize and promise to behave, from now on 🙂


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