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It’s getting colder in the Northern Hemisphere, and that is a sign of fall, my friends… But in the Southern Hemisphere, from where I come several days ago, it’s getting warmer and spring is on its way. So I decided to sync with that Hemisphere instead, completely ignore the rain and cold which seems to be all over the land these days, and start doing some spring cleanup on my blog. Hopefully, this will end with a self-made wordpress theme somewhere in the near future. I feel the need for a visual upgrade. Until then, there are two brand new static pages on Well, static is a way to say it because there are some automatically updated content on them. One thing at a time, now.

Top Posts

This is a page I needed for long time but somehow didn’t had the time to put it online. There was also some methodology fuzziness in my head, regarding the plugin I should use or the algorithm to put in place. But after some time I decided to make a combination of both mathematical popularity and my own choices. So here it is, the top posts page at, listing the most popular and most interesting articles on this blog. I was surprised by the number of the posts I end up putting there, and by the number of categories. You will find posts from Personal Development to Parenting, and from Health to Habit Interruption, as well as some of the’s series. Please feel free to stop there often, as I plan to update the page on a regular basis.


Another must have page was a download page. With posts like “the most downloaded mind maps” increasing in popularity, this section simply asked me to be created. So far, there are two categories for the downloads, Blogging and Productivity, and the downloadable content is 100% mind maps. I do plan to add some more types of downloadable content in the future so stay tuned and check out the downloads page as often as you can.

Thank you, and enjoy!

4 thoughts on “New content and blog structure”

  1. I’ve been tempted a number of times, but never did it. I guess it was the lack of time, not the decision. Maybe I’ll try it in the near future, seems like a good time for speculations now 😉

  2. Angela’s story is quite popular in the raw food community. Actually, I knew about the CNN story from this Steve Pavlina tweet.

    Which reminds me I have to post a new entry about reaching the 2 months mark on my raw food diet. 10 kilos lost so far 😉


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