New Version Of ZenTasktic For iOS Submitted For Review

As I already wrote a couple of days ago, I decided to reinvest a part of my time into ZenTasktic. It wasn’t abandoned, just not actively maintained. I still used on my own devices during all this time.

So, after picking up a few outstanding tasks from my backlog and solving a decent amount of bugs, I submitted a new version for review to the AppStore, and currently waiting for feedback. It wasn’t that long since the last release, about 6 months, and yet a lot happened in the AppStore, especially in the Privacy area. There was an entire new step that I needed to complete when submitting, quite complex and fuzzy. It wasn’t very difficult per se, because ZenTasktic doesn’t do any tracking at all, but the version without a paid subscription uses a third party advertising service, so I had to account for that.

In case you’re hearing about ZenTasktic for the first time, you should check out the website linked above, or, even better, just download it on your device right now, by following the buttons below (it has iOS and macOS versions, synced over iCloud in real time).

This is a feature / maintenance release, with a few significant UI updates and bug fixes. Here’s what’s new:

UI Improvements

  • upon adding a Project or an Idea, the navigation takes you directly to the newly added object
  • in Do, the time and context tables are now collapsable, allowing for better focus
  • in Decide, when setting a due date for a task in a Project, there is a new UI in place, a datepicker with project start and end date, enforcing the date selection within that range

Bug fixes

  • improved editing for Tasks in Asses
  • in Decide, order undecided tasks by last modified first
  • fixed a Collection but when the deleted task was deleting a task

If all goes well, I will move on to fixing an annoying editing bug on macOS and push that to release too.

The plan is to have a release every month until the end of the year, paired with a little bit of marketing, and evaluate in 6 months.

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