November Mariner Promo Code

We’re almost there. This is the last month of our year-long promotion on Mariner Software. We started last year and had each month a different, exclusive promo code which gave you an instant 15% discount to ALL Mariner products.

I said a few times, but I’ll say it again, just in case you missed it: I monetize this blog almost exclusively by promoting other products, a thing also known as affiliate marketing. I promote only things I use and find valuable (despite the increasing request queue for some “fantastic product that I’m sure your blog readers will love” that is piling up in my inbox). Promoting good, valuable and useful products is a win-win situation. In fact, is a win-win-win situation because everybody gets something: my readers get access to good stuff, the makers of that good stuff get to sell it and I get a commission out of it (in case you’re wondering what’s in it for me). One word though: these promo codes are exclusive to this blog, you won’t find them anywhere else on the Internet.

I would like to tell you more about this, but I know you’re eager to get your discount, so, without further ado, the November Mariner Promo Code:


How to Use It

Go to Mariner eStore, add this code to the designated field and start shopping.

What You Get

You get a nice piece of software, called MacJournal, which is my blogging and journaling software of choice. This very blog is created using a GTD setup created in MacJournal. My ebook was also written 90% in MacJournal (edited in Pages later). But you can also apply this code to other fine products of Mariner, including, but not limited to MacGourmet DeLuxe, StoryMill, Contour or even Write or Calc. A little birdie told me that the discount is available for bundles too 😉

If you’re looking for the current Mariner Promo Code, you’ll find it here: Mariner Promo Code.

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