On Being Steadily Fluid

Bruce Lee famously said once: “Be like water my friend, be like water. If you pour water in a bottle, water becomes the bottle.”

I thought a lot about stability versus fluidity lately. If you look at these two concepts through the most common glasses, you will find them in opposition. Stability is the opposite of fluidity. But if you look at them through the lens briefly mentioned by Bruce Lee above, then you may find an intersection point.

Although water is still fluid, once it’s in a bottle, it “borrows” the stability of the water and it is “stable” in its “fluidity”.

The 10 Years Long Story Of This Blog

I made this introduction because I find it very appropriate for the topic of this post.

It’s been more than 10 years since I wrote the first words here. A lot happened since then. To me, to the world, to everybody. Some things changed.

For instance, I changed a lot. I’m not living in the same country I was living back then. I moved to Spain after living in Romania for almost 48 years. I’m also not attracted to the same things that I used to be attracted back then. I’m more into living then doing. I’m more into experiencing than into accumulating (not that was anything wrong with accumulating, per se). I changed relationships. I acquired new skills. I “lost” huge amounts of money – after making “huge” amounts of money. I wrote and self-published 10 books. I also, for years, ignored this blog and moved my attention to something else.

All of the above is fluidity. It’s the unstoppable change of the world, or, as a Buddhist monk will say, “the all pervasive change of Samsara”.

And yet, in a way, I’m still the same.

Where To?

If you ask me where am I going with my life, I have no idea. If you ask me where am I going with this blog post, I may have a few clues.

I think this article marks the return to this outlet after many years of suspended “coma”. It marks the return to it not in the sense of becoming the blogger I used to be here. I don’t think this is possible anymore. Although a lot of traffic to this site is still driven by articles written 8-10 years ago, for which I’m grateful, I don’t think I’m in the same “bottle shape”. Like I said, quite a few things changed.

But something remained the same. It’s that “stability” part that I was thinking about in the introduction. This part is still searching for a way to make sense of this world, is still trying new things and wants to share the experiences (oh, boy, and I have a lot of these to share, piled up during the last years), and is still determined to keep a semi-public log of all of this.

But it won’t be the same. It may have some flavors of what it used to be, but I have a hunch it will be different.

How different?

Well, you’ll have to stick around to find out…

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