Practical Astrology: The Moon In Signs

As some of you may know, I use astrology for personal development. Among some other stuff, of course. And by that I mean I use it constantly as a symbolic model of reality. The position of the planets on the sky is having some kind of influence on our lives and I learned how to understand that. Today I’ll share a little experiment which lasted for more than a month. It’s about the Moon and its position on the sky during a complete cycle from New Moon to Full Moon. If you still think astrology is only a horoscope in the morning paper, with no value whatsoever, I recommend you to read more about understanding astrology. And if you still think this is just new age garbage, feel free to skip this post, it’s ok.

I guess you already know the Moon is having a complete cycle in around 28 days around the Earth. During this cycle the Moon is staying between 2 and 3 days in each astrological sign. The nature of the sign in which Moon is at some moment is affecting that part of our being which is ruled by Moon. There are many interpretations of what Moon “is” in our lives. For the sake of simplicity I chose to understand Moon as the ruler of our emotions. It has a number of other interpretations but staying only at the emotional level will just be enough for this experiement. Just remember that the Moon represent the things that can hurt us and the things which we need healing from. The Moon is the unconscious pulse of our emotional field. From joy to sorrow, from compassion to anger, everything that is in your emotional filed has something to do with the Moon and its position on the sky.

The Experiment

During a complete cycle of the Moon I monitored my emotions. I also monitored the position of the Moon on the sky and noted my impressions and reflections of what the Moon in the sky could be. I did this in a kind of geeky way by using, of course, an iPhone. There are two apps on the iPhone that I used during this, none of them directly related to astrology, but more on that later on after the experiment description.  For now, let’s just focus on what I felt during a complete cycle of the Moon on the zodiac, from Aries to Pisces.

Moon in Aries

My emotions were extremely intense, like powered with high energy. On the whole, I felt an intense drive to action. Anything I started was out of enthusiasm, was powered by my own choices, not by external circumstances. I also felt an interesting silence on the emotional level, not too much noise, everything seemed extremely pure. It seemed that Moon in Aries favors clean emotions focused on achieving immediate results. Moon in Aries is also accident prone, during this interval I had a small driving accident (no consequences, but the burst of energy was almost physical around me).

Moon in Taurus

During this period my emotions reached a deeper level. Not too much was out on the surface, or it wasn’t a very strong need to surface anything. On the inside, the key word was: revelation. Anything that I understood during this period was perceived like something that was unveiled to me. I also noticed a strong analytical approach. The earth nature of the sign through which Moon was traveling was perceived very clear. Whenever I felt something I immediately followed that feeling by an intellectual analysis. The deepness of my emotions had also a touch of possessiveness: these are my emotions and I do whatever I want with them…

Moon in Gemini

I guess the Moon in Gemini is the most talkative position of the Moon. Almost any situation requested to be talked about, from physical surroundings to thoughts or plans. This Moon favors interactivity on all levels, I felt an increased desire to connect with other people, most of the time people I knew, though. Each emotion on a Moon in Gemini interval is also a little bit conflictual, like trying to be always right. And when you’re right, you try to convince that you aren’t. Those types of conflicts were extremely short though and there was some lack of focus, or a need to move fast. The overall feeling was one of increased communication, on all levels.

Moon in Cancer

This position gave me a sense of inner healing of emotions. I can’t really know from where it was coming, but the overall feeling was one of a nurturing and protective touch. But there wasn’t at all any fragility involved, on the contrary, the vibration was extremely powerful, not action prone, like the Moon in Aries, but steady and focused. The Moon in Cancer is also a very stubborn one. I tended to get attached of what I said or felt in a very personal way. I even felt bad when I had to detach from some situations. Moon in Cancer is also the most carrying prone situation of all zodiac, I actually thought of every aspect of a situation with genuine interest and involvement.

Moon in Leo

Mainly protective, that was my first word sequence to describe a Moon in Leo. An honest approach to every situation, with a strong tendency to protect and care for. There was the king’s protection toward their subjects, most of the time, not the nurturing protection of a Moon in Cancer, for instance. Moon in Leo is also quite argumentative, but quite different than a Moon in Gemini. There is quest for truth and not for talking just to be heard. Anything said or done during this period was strongly assertive, it was like I knew I was doing the right thing and nobody could turn me the other way. And if they tried, I still had enough resources to become confrontational in an open way, ready to share my motivations and fundaments for each and every action I took.

Moon in Virgo

This is a time for retained emotions like in experiencing them but not showing them publicly. The emotional flow is going free, but there is refraining about showing it. Like an extreme politeness. Moon in Virgo is giving a lot of discussion room. It’s like finding a way of doing something and then discussing about other ten ways to do the same thing. During this period I had a lot of discussions and very few practical things approached.  And each discussion was a very stubborn one. I also experienced an unusual shyness in all matters, from personal stuff to outside interactions. It was not something turned inward but a lack of courage to start doing something publicly.

Moon in Libra

Moon in Libra was one of the most quiet intervals. Moon is calm and permissive as in indulging. During this period I felt the need to feed myself, not be nurtured and to enjoy as much as I can on the sensorial level. Reading, seeing movies or listening to music, accidentally connecting to old friends or colleagues. Moon in Libra is also extremely traveling prone, I guess that during those two days of Moon in Libra I had 3 or more short trips around the city. Emotions on a Moon in Libra are self contained the same way beauty is self contained and there is no obstacle toward public exposure, but sometimes the need for this is lacking. Staying at home, being cosy and enjoying yourself seems like the best thing you can do.

Moon in Scorpio

This Moon is hiding emotions. It’s not like the Moon in Virgo, where the emotions are still manifesting, but during this time the emotional flow is very often repressed. I often felt the need to hide the way I felt in such a way that nobody else will know what I’m experiencing. A Moon in Scorpio is a very financial aware one, I guess most of my financial interactions, like in analyze and taking decisions, were done during this interval. Because of the emotional flow obstruction, I felt a lot of frustration and rage, sometimes like out of the blue. Letting it go seemed the best decision, although I tried several time to understand why I felt those intense feeling, without much success.

Moon in Sagittarius

This is a very good time for expression of emotions. Among all the other periods this is by far the most expression prone one. Everything that you feel is finding its own natural way to get out in the light, without any hesitation and without any shyness whatsoever. Maybe in close relation to this ease of being is the very high emotional sensitivity. It’s like being through a huge emotions amplifier that makes even the tiniest joy sound louder than usual. The Moon in Sagittarius is also very unstable: there are pretty big ups and downs on the emotional scale. I felt it extremely easy to get from joy to sadness and from laziness to enthusiasm with a Moon in Sagittarius.

Moon in Capricorn

The Moon in Capricorn is hardly felt. The emotions are actually muted by this transit and you need a very strong focus to understand what’s happening with your emotional field. It seems that during these periods your focus is on practical matters, especially building: relationships, projects, things. The Moon in Capricorn is one of the most financially aware – but not as the one in Scorpio. During this time I understand better how money behaves and where I can be in touch with it. Not all the time am I capable of doing this of course, but I had a better understanding of how this is working on a Moon in Capricorn.

Moon in Aquarius

That’s one refined Moon. I experienced an increased sensitivity to fine stuff, from processes – like negotiations, writing or smooth talking – to things like jewelry or nice polished gadgets. A Moon in Aquarius is extremely intuition prone. During this periods I was able to understand things without explaining them and I knew most of the time the outcome of each action. This isn’t of much use because a Moon in Aquarius makes from an extremely changing mood.  It’s not like the Moon in Sagittarius, which was mostly unstable, this Moon makes restless searches for new things, and is extremely curious and ready to know more just about everything.

Moon in Pisces

That’s one psychic Moon. Definitely psychic. And by psychic I mean a very unusual way of getting in touch with things or persons. I had unusual dreams and intuitions and also had long intervals of apparent lack of activity in the real world, doubled by long periods of waving around on the inside. It was like traveling outside this world, but don’t think at something very spectacular, just those day dreaming periods in which our thoughts are miles away. A Moon in Pisces is like a natural catalyst for all those day dreaming moments which can last for hours, sometimes. Another important aspect of a Moon in Pisces was its silent healing vibration. Again, nothing spectacular, but it was like all the turmoil generated so far has finally found a resting place.

iPhone apps used in this experiment

I bet nobody thought you can use a mind mapping application for a practical astrology experiment, but this is exactly what happened. I used the excellent iBlueSky app which I reviewed several weeks ago and it proved extremely useful. There’s a little screenshot of the mind map used during this experiment.

The other app was iMoon, which is a very simple way of knowing where the Moon is, without a lot of bloatware and unnecessary features. Here’s another screenshot from which I knew all the time where the Moon was running on the zodiac.

If you would like to know more about this, I’m ready to start and share other experiments, astrologically speaking. Maybe I can announce from the beginning what the goal is and blog it while it happens, who knows. But it would be interesting to have only the fastest planets involved in this: Mercury and Venus.

Share your thoughts on this one, comments welcomed!

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  1. I’ve been doing the same with a woman’s cycle app specifically designed for keeping track of emotions during the month. And I’ve used a moon widget


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