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Assess Decide Do: Natural Productivity

Today I’m extremely happy to announce that my latest ebook, called “Assess – Decide – Do: Natural productivity” will be available on this very blog starting Friday, September 17, from 7 AM.. Which is exactly in 48 hours. This is one of my oldest projects and it’s the kind of stuff that grows organically, without too much noise, but with the unmissable feeling of a strong, solid foundation.

Now I have a confession to make. I suck at sales pages. I just do. You know the type of sales pages I’m talking about, a long sausage filled up with cheap incentives and literally breathing the underlying assumption that you, the one who’s supposed to buy that product, are an absolute idiot, responding like a Pavlovian dog to all kind of “verified” buying techniques. I just can’t write those types of sales pages.

What I can do though, is to give you all the information you need, so you can make your own decision. Here are some things you will learn from this ebook.

  • What is a life management framework.
  • What’s the difference between traditional productivity and natural productivity.
  • How to transform a deadline into a liveline.
  • How to incorporate procrastination on your own working routine, rather than fight it.
  • How to identify the root of your life imbalances, using the 3 stages Assess, Decide and Do.
  • How to eliminate the guilt of “not doing enough” while still doing more than you think you can do.
  • How to create your own life management framework, based on what you will read. Because you are unique and you need an unique way of managing your life.

In the last part of the ebook, after you have incorporated the base concepts, you will have something to work with, literally in your hands, and that is a tutorial for my iPhone / iPad app inspired by Assess – Decide – Do, iAdd [iTunes link]. iAdd is a 100% compatible implementation of the framework (you will learn in the ebook how can you subclass the main framework and add your own techniques to it) and it was built applying the very concepts described in the ebook, in only 30 days, without any prior knowledge of Objective C.

The ebook contains more than 160 pages written and reviewed during the last year. Its main structure is also split into 3, going from top to the bottom, from abstract to concrete, from concept to implementation. It’s by far the most comprehensive and complete product I’ve built since I start blogging, 2 years ago. And I mean it.

As for the price, I hesitated a lot until I decided to set it at 27 USD. Ebooks in this range are usually selling at 47 USD and up, but I decided to lower the entry point. I do believe the concepts in this ebook are useful, I really do. And so I want to make it available to as many people as possible. Talking about the price, I do have something special for you.

The Special Offer

I’m not going to write a long sausage of cheap selling crap, but I do have a special offer for you. Yes, for you, the long time reader of this blog, the one who stayed behind the lines, never commenting, but always consuming the content, and sometimes sending me a short email like “thanks, Dragos, that helped”. I know you’re out there and this one is for you. You helped me get through this and I want to let you know that I’m listening and I want to give something back.

Until Friday, September 17th, 7 AM, Bucharest time, you can get the ebook at 20 USD, instead of the normal price of 27 USD. That’s 25% off. That’s the least I can do. So, just click on the link below and write down the following code in the shopping cart:

buy now with PayPal

promo code: WakeUpEarly

No spaces, no commas, just three words into one. Your package will be discounted. Please be aware that this discount will expire on Friday, at 7 AM Bucharest time. After that, the promo code won’t work anymore and you could only get the ebook at its normal price.

Wait, There’s More

For the first 30 buyers, I have prepared a promo code for the iAdd app, which will let you have it, basically, for free. A promo code in the AppStore is just like a 100% discount code: you get the app at no cost. So, you will have the full package: the ebook (at a discounted price) and the app to actually implement the entire workflow.

I would have very much loved to give you more promo codes, but there’s a limit of 50 made by apple, and the first 20 went off like crazy (in fact, I had to turn down a few requests, specifically to keep this batch for you). So, if you bought the ebook, come back here and leave a comment. Use the email address you used to buy the book so I can check out the sale. I will send you at the same email address the promo code. Please be aware that those promo codes are available for the US iTunes store only (that’s a limitation imposed by Apple).

Again, please understand that I cannot give more than 30 codes, but if you move rather quickly, you can make it to the first 30. Oh, here’s how quick can you move, you don’t even need to scroll up, just click here (I copied the link for your convenience 😉 )

buy now with PayPal

That’s it. The clock it ticking.

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  1. Hey great idea and deal for a book! I just preordered it so hope I can get a promo code. By the way can I read this on my iPhone or iPad ? If so how? Great site keep up the good work!


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