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So, once again we are on our path for tremendous discoveries of what your Mac can do, when properly assorted with a powerful application. This time we’ll talk about something more complicated than just launching an application, as fast and as useful that could be. We will talk about a way of blogging while you’re working, or, in order to show to the people that we know the buzz, we will show you the “desktop twitter”, a way to actually blog whenever you want, whatever you want, with the minimum amount of effort.

We will blog by email, using Quicksilver. But that sentence took more for you to read than the actual action of blogging by email with Quicksivler will.

Firsts things first: you need to setup your WordPress blog to be able to publish stuff by email. You do that by entering your admin interface, and then go to Options tab. From that page you to the Writing tab, and you’ll see a zone where you can define your POP server and port, username and password, and the default category in which the post will be published. (Warning: this is dangerous! Please be sure that you will set up a secret mail account and that you will be the only one using it, otherwise your blog will publicly spread words about the newest hot stock market that will make you rich or some revolutionary viagra that will make you stand up from other guys. You have been warned!)

Second, we will just need to enable the action “Email to… (Send Directly)” from within the Quicksilver preferences panel.

Once you’ve done that, put yourself in a creative state (and that would be entirely up to you to chose how you’ll do that) and start thinking of something really usefull to blog about. Ups: you’re just having an idea! Don’t let it go: hit CTRL + Spacebar, and then “.”, and start typing.

After your creative effort exhausted you, and your text has reached a reasonable degree of readability, hit TAB, and from the second panel, chose the action “Email To… (Send Directly)” and hit ENTER.

Now you only need to select your email address that you previously chosed in WordPress as your email source publishing address, and hit ENTER. Note that you’ll choose from your Address Book, so adding that email to Address Book first could be a great idea.

Congrats, you just used Quicksilver for blogging by email, and your post should be up and running shortly after.

Now, I said something about Twitter earlier… It seems that there is a Quicksilver plugin that already does that directly. Meaning you are posting using twitter API. You can find it here.

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