Quicksilver – how to send emails

Time for another episode of our Quicksilver series. Today will talk about a very interesting usage of this Mac gem: sedning email. Directly from Quicksilver, of course.


1. Quicksilver, of course.
2. The Apple Mail plugin (downloadable from the plugin area of Quicksilver website)
2. The Address Book plugin (downloadable from the plugin area of Quicksilver website)

Let’s start with a very simple situation: you care caught on a project, and suddenly a little reminder pops out from the darkest zone of your brain, with an imperative command to send a consolation email to a client for not making it to that last very important meeting. Don’t panic, it happens to everybody. But this time, you’ll do it with style. Let the project where it is, with all the documents in place, ignite your Quicksilver with your combination of choice: CTRL + Spacebar, for instance, and start typing.

Don’t forget to type first “.” (point) in order to enter in the edit mode, otherwise Quicksilver will think you are not typing, but searching for documents or applications.

Ok, you’re done typing, the messge is well lined up and the excuses are almost believable. Hit “TAB”, and in the second pane, start typing: “ema…”. This will bring up two choices (weel, I also have the Actiontastic plugin installed, so we have three, in my image): one is the Quicksilver internal sending method (will not talk about it now) and the Apple Mail action “Email To… (Send)”.

Chose the last one and see how the third pane is silently rising, giving us room for searching the actual email address. The email will be looked up by using the Address Book plugin, so be sure you already have this installed.

Hit “ENTER”. Now, if the Maill.app is up, you’ll just hear the sound of the message being sent. If not, Maill.app will start and send the message for you.

Simple. Now it’s time for you to get back to your project, unless you want to miss the next meeting too…

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