Rescue me. Or just my time :-)

Busy as I managed to be lately, I still stumbled upon a little thingie that caught my attention, used several of my neurons, and triggered the big decision to actually write a small note about it in my almost desert blog. Well, it won’t be desert for long, my time-hungry big project is decently approaching an end so I should be really back on track by the end of this month.

Now, about the little thingie: it’s a time tracking application, called RescueTime, that promises to be very heplful. You can find more info on their website,, if you’re impatient, but if not, here are some random pieces of info. It’s a dual OS program (and THAT I really like already about it), meaning it can run on Windows and Mac, that collects information about how you spend your time at the computer. It’s web based, meaning you will send your data to a webserver somewhere, but with all the buzz of the web-based GTD solution lately, I think this is already trivial and doesn’t rise any privacy questions. So far. Also, the piece of software tracks the time you spend on each website, not only on your browser of choice, which can be also very helpful. You will not have 95% Firefox and 5% Zend Studio. But 5%, 23%, and 21% Joking, of course. Who will spend so much time on Wikipedia and so little on 43folders? 😉

Being wab-based, this little thingie promises to deliver a vey interesting piece of mashable information. Imagine what you can do with this data, linked to your BackPack account, or with your Actionatr online sibling of your Actiontastic GTD software. Promising.

4 thoughts on “Rescue me. Or just my time :-)”

  1. Thanks for making that obvious one more time Tony, this is exactly what I was writing – and hoping for you to do 😉

  2. We’re glad you’re excited!

    Note that the data collectors will be open source and we’ll be publishing an API– So there are some interesting ways you could integrate into some of your other productivity tools (like Backpack). Stay tuned!

  3. Yeap, I know that, but after several days I become somehow bored… What I reallt liked about this one is the mashable part of it: make it linkable with other stuff and then you’ll have something. Maybe I’m “web 2.0” infected 🙂


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