My Running Playlist – the Tango Version

Two years ago I shared my first running playlist. It had a lot of energy songs, mostly because at that time, when I just started to run, I needed some extra boost. A lot happened since that first running playlist. During the last 2 years I finished two marathons, two semi-marathons and a few 5k / 10k races.

Also, my running playlist changed. Right now, the music I listen to while I run doesn’t need to have a lot of energy in it, mostly because I don’t need an extra source of energy anymore. Or, if I need some extra boost, I need it in a much gentler form.

Hence, the tango style. As you may already know, I’m a tango teacher. Because, you know, teaching tango is like eating chocolate and getting paid for it. I find tango music to be both motivational and relaxing. For a marathoner, that’s a very good combo. Keep in mind that, for me, tango is a rather flexible concept. I can, and actually I did, dance tango on tunes that didn’t seem fit for it.

So, without further ado, here’s what I usually listen to when I run.

Candan Ercetin – Meger

Bebe – Siempre me quedara

Soha – Mil Passos

Jason Mraz – Im yours

Jaime Wilensky – Sentimientos

Deeper Sense feat Lucia Echague – Amor Porteno

Glykeria – The Empty Evenings

Bajofondo – Pa Bailar

Neffa – Passione Beguine

Pink – Just Give Me A Reason

Technical Stuff

The first tune is used mainly for warm up, it’s roughly the first kilometer. The rest are giving me a nice flow vibe which lets me keep a pace at around 5′:45″ / km. When I do interval training I tend to detach from the music and I just let it run in the background of my head, but when I jog for more than one hour, for instance, I tend to connect and sync with the rhythm.

The playlist is around 45 minutes long, and I usually measure my training in terms of “how many repeats” of the playlist. A short one is just one playlist, a good one (around 13-15k) is two repeats of the running playlist and a semi-marathon is 2 and a half repeats.


Well, that was it. Have an addition to this running playlist? Feel free to let me know about it in the comments.

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