Assess – Decide – Do In Under 2 Minutes

Well, since things are going on just well with my iPhone app, which, by the way, is called iAdd, and can be seen directly in iTunes here, I thought it would be about time to make a short video explaining what’s the thing with this Assess – Decide – Do framework. Without further ado, go … Read more

Assess – Decide – Do For Relationships

Assess – Decide – Do is a simple life management framework. Emerged from some limitations of productivity methodologies like GTD, and constructed with a flexible approach, ADD comes handy when you face difficult or pressuring contexts in any areas if your life. At its core, ADD is overwhelmingly simple, it’s entirely up to you to … Read more

Waking Up Early

Waking up early is probably the most popular topic amongst the personal development blogs. Not to mention the fact that is almost the first thing you hear during a personal development seminar: I will teach you how to wake up early, my friend. It’s the “Hello World” of the personal development (“Hello World” is the … Read more

Assess Decide Do stages – Do

ADD comes from “Assess Decide Do” and it’s a life management framework, initially described in this introductory post. As opposed to the regular productivity approaches, a life management framework focuses on a higher level integration and rejects the task checking approach as the only metric for measuring productivity performance. In ADD, each individual can have … Read more

Assess Decide Do

GTD is a wonderful methodology. I’ve been using it for more than 3 years and the benefits are unquestionable. I implemented it in several formats, from pen and paper to digital, and I can confess it really works. I’m productive and more efficient. But – you know, there is a but here – being productive … Read more