The Biggest Blogging Challenge – 100 Ways To Live A Better Life

Today I’m turning 44. It’s a very special moment. Why? Well, if you add 4 with 4 it gives 8, and 8 is a very special number. It signifies luck and balance, in all numerology interpretations. In Asia, number 8 is considered to be very lucky. And if you switch it horizontally, you get the … Read more

Personal Milestones

Do you have personal milestones? I do. By personal milestones I understand those times when you sit down and replace the “doing” in your life with the “seeing”. You stop doing whatever you planned to do and start to stare at your life. Right, just stare at whatever it comes to your focus and try … Read more

Happy birthday, Diana!

Today is my wife’s birthday. We’re both Scorpio so our birthdays are really close. I write this without really planning – one of the things Diana taught me being to enjoy life without too much planning. But that’s not the only thing that she taught me. There are plenty of other things she taught me … Read more