Introducing The Forums On

I think I reached a certain level of interaction and activity which demands new tools. has an average of 100.000 unique visitors monthly and many of them are more than just visitors. Not only they leave comments on the blog, but they also send me emails or engage with me on social media. At … Read more

Brilliantly Better – The Ebook

Last Friday I launched – in soft mode – my latest ebook, Brilliantly Better. During the last 48 hours anyone interested in getting it had the chance to buy it at a discounted price, 9.99 USD. As of now, the price of the ebook is at the normal level, meaning 16.99 USD. Also, a few … Read more

The Utterly Incomplete Guide On Monetizing Your Blog

Half of my life I lived under a communist regime. Among other funny things under a communist regime, money, or, to be more precise, the lack of it, was something pretty common. So, I started to learn the value of money very early, mainly by the absence of it. Why am I telling you that? … Read more

Ebook – How To Build Reputation With Your Blog

As promised, here is the ebook based on my last series “How To Build Reputation With Your Blog“. I enjoyed writing the posts in this series and I thought putting them all together would be a nice thing to do. Not to mention the fact that some of you specifically asked to hurry up with … Read more

How To Build Reputation With Your Blog – Interact With Your Peers

This is the 4th article from the series: “How To Build Reputation With A Blog”. If you came here directly, you may want to read the first articles too: How To Build Reputation With Your Blog – The Series How To Build Reputation With Your Blog – Clearly State Your Expertise How To Build Reputation … Read more