100 Ways To Live A Better Life – 39. Read A Book Per Week

Or, alternatively, a fine selection of blogs. That will keep your mind alert and your focus steady. Reading is like good food for your brain, without it, it will go lazy, obese and unresponsive. But with the proper food it can become your best friend. I can’t imagine a life in which I wouldn’t read. … Read more

Being A Digital Nomad – The Book – Soft Launch

I’ve been a digital nomad for more than 3 years now. It’s not an easy lifestyle. It’s spectacular, that’s true, it has this aura of freedom and joy, and, to a large extent, this aura is perfectly justified. But it’s also a very demanding lifestyle. It takes courage, persistence and a lot of hard work … Read more

How To Self Publish On Amazon, Kindle And iBookStore – the PDF Version

As of today, the Kindle exclusivity – required by the enrollment in the Kindle Select program – is over. Which means that the book “How To Self-Publish On Amazon, Kindle And iBookStore” is available as a PDF download too. [Later update: it was just approved as an iBook too in iBookStore] For those of you … Read more

It Will Only Last 72 Hours

Today is a good day. I know this is a bit abrupt for starting a blog post, but that’s the truth. Every once in a while I get to be involved in interesting projects, with fantastic people which are creating incredible value. Today I’m very excited to let you know about a huge sale, known … Read more

Tiny Buddha – The Book, Interview with Lori Deschene

A couple of years ago, an interesting Twitter handle caught my attention. It was something called @tinybuddha and it aimed at delivering “simple wisdom for complex lives”. This handle grew over the last years to become one of the most popular self-help Twitter accounts. At the moment of writing this, it has more than 200.000 … Read more

Brilliantly Better – The Ebook – The Soft Launch

The time has come for me to release another product. This time, it will be a VERY, VERY different launch. Partly because we’re dealing with a very different product, but partly because I want to experiment a bit in this area. So, without further ado, let’s start this. Brilliantly Better – The Ebook During the … Read more

How To Self-Publish On Amazon, Kindle And iBookStore

For the last 14 months I’ve been learning how to become a self-published author. And by that, I mean not only PDF ebooks available on the blog, but also printed books on Amazon, Kindle versions and, of course, for the latest hype in town, ePub-based ebooks in Apple iBookStore. What follows is a (very) distilled … Read more

How I Wrote And Published 4 Books on Amazon in One Month

I don’t really believe in advertising as a valid, long-term monetizing strategy for a blog. There are more cons than pros, if you take the time to really look at it. Yet, many bloggers are rushing towards advertising and fill up their blog real estate with tons of banners and then dumbly wait for money … Read more