The Language Of Happiness

Let’s do a very, very simple experiment: can you please have a look at the text below and tell me what you understand from it? Take your time. Chances are that, if you’re not Korean – or studied Hangul – all you got from the text above is just a collection of random noodles. Or, … Read more

The Most Painful Event Of Your Life

Have you ever thought which is the most painful event of your life? I know this isn’t exactly the kind of question you want to find an answer to, but just out of curiosity, did you ever wondered which exactly was the most painful situation you’ve ever been into? I reckon this bothered me for … Read more

The Art Of Setting Great Expectations

What do you want to happen to you? How do you envision your desired outcome? How do you set up expectations? In my experience, setting up expectations is one of the most sensitive areas in our lives. Because every time you set yourself up to something, your surroundings are changing. I find this amazing. You … Read more

Average versus Exceptional

Are you an average or an exceptional individual? Are you in the middle of the scale or are you on the top of it? Are you generally fitting all the descriptions of your generation or are you an outsider? Safer versus Risky Being an average person surely gives you a bit of a safety. Average … Read more