Crowdfunding Update #1 For “Being A Digital Nomad”

A week ago I started my first crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, aiming to raise $9000 to finish, publish and promote my next book, “Being A Digital Nomad”. It’s, of course, more of an experiment than a prerequisite, this whole crowdfunding campaign, since I am writing the book anyway, and, as a self-published author (also translated … Read more

Crowdfunding My Next Book Through Indiegogo – The Experiment

My next book, “Being A Digital Nomad” will be crowdfuned using Indiegogo. Now, I’ve said it. What’s Indiegogo, you asked? Hello there, alien! Because, you know, if you didn’t hear about Indoegogo so far, it means you’re from Mars or something. Indiegogo is the largest crowdfunding platform available now. If you’re more into the tech … Read more