100 Ways To Live A Better Life – 34. Build Different Skills

Don’t stop learning. Don’t stay stuck in a single career, it’s boring and limiting. Learn different skills, possibly from completely unrelated fields. You never know when life will ask you to use them. Besides, it’s a lot of fun. Our modern society thought us that our chances for a higher payout are bigger on the … Read more

Living Off The Grid

For the last 3 years I’ve been living completely off the grid. I don’t have a regular job anymore, my income sources are completely erratic, and my personal relationships are either collapsed or very hard to understand from a traditional perspective. I travel a lot and when I work, I set up my own hours … Read more

7 Magical Ways to Use Curiosity as a Personal Development Tool

This is a guest post by Makenzie Kelly, @makenziekelly. “Judge a man by his questions rather than answers”, Voltaire Some say curiosity killed the cat.  I say what doesn’t kill the cat, makes it stronger! Curiosity has been classified as a nice-to-have attribute of a person; it definitely hasn’t been a reinforced attribute by our … Read more

Positive Motivation Versus Negative Motivation

What makes you move forward? Which are the most powerful stimulus for you? Are you doing stuff only to avoid potential dangers, or are you just curious? In today’s post I’ll talk about negative motivation versus positive motivation. You may ask now: motivation is just the power which moves you to do stuff, are there … Read more

Start Your Own Business

Ten years ago I started my own business. At that time I felt this was the best decision ever in my entire life. Ten years after I still feel the same with all my heart. Having your own business is one of the most challenging situations in which you can put yourself. And I’m not … Read more