The Slow And Almost Invisible Reward Of Doing Things Constantly

It’s almost noon and I’m in my car, driving Victor, my son, to his school. We spent some time at my place, watching movies and working on his latest project, Victor is almost 14. He’s into rock music (obviosuly) and all the stuff of a typical teenager. “When did you learn to drive so … Read more

Taming Monkey Number One – First Update

I think it’s time to see how I did so far with my first monkey. For those of you who doesn’t know yet, I ditched my New Year resolutions and replaced them with a different approach: taming monkeys. Very shortly put, a monkey is an underdeveloped part of yourself, a goal frozen in its evolution, … Read more

5 Tips For Incorporating Exercise Into Your Life

This is a guest post by Greg Blencoe, @gregblencoe In his recent post “How To Invest In Yourself (And Why)“, Dragos discussed the importance of exercising regularly.  I couldn’t agree more. I have been exercising in some form or another since I was five or six years old.  I played on countless sports teams growing … Read more

Rising above the Context

We’re greatly influenced by surroundings. From our friends to the way we lay out furniture in our rooms everything has an impact on the way we act, react and deal with our life situations. I call these surroundings, generically, contexts. One of the things which constantly fascinates me is how to get over your contexts. … Read more

How To Write Compelling Content For Your Blog

The age of blogging galore is over. Just because you have a blog doesn’t mean you’ll automatically have readers too. There was a time when the mere fact of having a blog would bring you an interested and sometimes avid audience. But now the field is too crowded and you really need to stand out … Read more

Blogging As A Personal Development Tool

Everybody is blogging these days. Some are doing it for the money. Some are doing it for celebrity, while others are doing it for being noticed and getting a better job. Some of them are good technical bloggers, while others are blogging about sex or about travel. I blog for more than 5 years now … Read more