Why I Don’t Like Magical, Wish-granting Fishes

You know the story: a fisherman catches a magic fish, which can actually grant 3 (or more) wishes. The fisherman then asks for the most important 3 wishes, fish grants them, everybody lives happily ever after. Well, I don’t buy that. Don’t get me wrong. I do think those “magic fishes” are real. I’m convinced … Read more

Early Access To Goal Setting 101 – My Course On Udemy

I’ve been secretly working on an online course during the past couple of months (hence my rather scarce activity on the blog lately). As a matter of fact, I’m still working on it. I still have to upload a few lectures, and to add a few case studies, but, other than that, I’m pretty much … Read more

How Goal Setting Works (For Me)

Goals are just milestones. Places where you stop for a while and enjoy the scenery. The trip is what gives you the ultimate thrill, and it will always be like this. But, as interesting as the trip may be, goals have their own importance. They can either add more awesomeness to the mix or make … Read more

The First Year Of Blogging – Personal Benefits

Welcome to th final article from the series about my first year of blogging as a business. In this article I will outline the personal benefits of having a personal development blog as a main business. If you came here directly, you may want to have a look at the other articles: The First Year … Read more