Self Imposed Limits and How To Overcome Them

This is a guest post by Srinivas Rao, @skooloflife. Everything that you know how to do today and you do effortlessly is something that you once didn’t know how to do. You weren’t born knowing how to walk, talk, or speak. You learned all of those things and the notion of limitations probably never existed … Read more

Finding Reasons To Agree

What’s your reaction when somebody is telling something you don’t like? Is it unconditionally “Yes”? Is it unconditionally “No”? It’s something in between? Do you usually find reasons to agree or to disagree? I ask because finding reasons to agree seems to be one of the most difficult mindsets these days. We seem to be … Read more

The Spiral Path

Ever had the impression of going in circles? Ever felt like you’ve been there before and now you’re heading towards the same destination? Ever experienced deja-vu sensations? Memories form the past which are surprisingly real? I certainly did. Up until recently I faced those situations with frustration. Every time I was on a familiar life … Read more