Taming Monkey Number 7 – At Leisure

It’s time for my monthly taming monkey report. If you don’t know what is that taming monkey thing, I suggest to read the introductory post. To make a long story short, I ditched my new years resolutions and replaced them with monthly challenges. During these monthly challenges, I intend to tame an inner monkey. Like … Read more

Holiday, New Domain Name, Full Moon and Projects

Starting tomorrow we’ll go on a short holiday. While are still in Romania we thought it would be interesting to have a car trip in Europe, trying to take things easier and see as much as we can. We planned really loosely this trip and even the word “planned” is used in a quite inappropriate … Read more

Living Life Like A Holiday

We all love holidays, isn’t it? Usually we only need the sound of the word itself to wake up in our brain pleasant emotions and nice memories. But did you ever wondered what if we could live our entire life as a holiday? Sounds interesting, at least for me, and I’ll try to show you … Read more