The Language Of Happiness

Let’s do a very, very simple experiment: can you please have a look at the text below and tell me what you understand from it? Take your time. Chances are that, if you’re not Korean – or studied Hangul – all you got from the text above is just a collection of random noodles. Or, … Read more

7 Things I Learned From My 5 Year Old Girl

A few weeks ago it was Bianca’s 5th birthday. As always, each year I write a post about what I learned from her during the last year. If you want to read the previous posts, here they are, in order for one, two, three and four year anniversaries. 1. Diplomacy Is Easy Last year Bianca’s … Read more

7 Personal Development Lessons – Kung Fu Panda Style

Personal development can be really fun, if you want to. I mean, it’s ok to write ambitious goals, to develop self-discipline and to embark on 30 days challenges. But all this can become really boring at some point. Being better doesn’t have to be all serious, grave and solemn. Life is also made of fun, … Read more

How To Escape The Internet Jungle In 5 Small Steps

This is my first post by request. One of my readers, “an occasional blogger and a coach”, who runs the EffectivenessCoach blog, send me an email the other day. Besides the usual “hi, I saw we have similar interests and I’m also a blogger” the message had also a question: “How can you structure your … Read more

How And Why We Get Bored

Boredom. The final frontier. These are the ramblings of a blogger trying to boldly explain what no man ever avoided: how and why we get bored. What Is Boredom? Have you ever thought what boredom is? Why we get bored? How we can strangely reproduce this state so often although we consider it something very uncomfortable? … Read more