Being A Life Director

There’s no such thing as good or bad. There’s no such thing as right or wrong, either. There’s truly only one thing and that is choice. Your choice, that is. Your choice to make whatever you want from any situation, any circumstance, any energy that occurs in your life. What “it is” is what it … Read more Being A Life Director

What If Life Is Just A Giant Scuba Diving Session?

Never did scuba diving, but I saw a lot of people doing it. I’m also a very big fan of underwater filming and, generally speaking, of whatever happens under the waters. Don’t know why, I’ve always been like this. Today, without any warning, while looking at a documentary about sea creatures around New Zealand shore, … Read more What If Life Is Just A Giant Scuba Diving Session?

12 Things I Learned By Being A Forex Trader

For the last 6 months, I’ve been a forex trader. I started this experience by curiosity, pretty hastily, to be honest, and ended it up abruptly (hopefully, you’ll realize why by reading this article). It was by far one of the most exhilarating, exciting, emotionally consuming and useful (in terms of lessons learned) episodes of my … Read more 12 Things I Learned By Being A Forex Trader

The Lottery Scam

lottery scam

You know what a “Lottery Scam” is? If not, just bear with me for a second. The “lottery scam” is a widely used con. It usually starts with the sending of a letter, in which the winning of a prize is announced. Somehow, you, the receiver of the letter, are suddenly entitled to that prize. … Read more The Lottery Scam

Life Is A Pitch. And Then You Win

I can’t take credit for this title. At least, not for the whole title, only for the second part. The first part is actually the name of an event at which I was invited just a few days ago. It was a four hours long event dedicated to young entrepreneurs, specifically web entrepreneurs. I was … Read more Life Is A Pitch. And Then You Win

33 Ways To Care

how to care

Caring for somebody is the ultimate form of freedom. Because every time you genuinely care for somebody else, you’re setting yourself free. Free from judging, free to accept the other one just for who she/he is, free to express your love without asking something in return. Caring is unfortunately becoming more and more scarce in … Read more 33 Ways To Care