Mariner Promo Code – May 2011

If you’re like the vast majority of people, perhaps you’re celebrating Labor Day right now. By resting, that is, not by working, like other people. I won’t give names, but you know who they are 🙂 Well, good for you, because after you’ll get back home for this well deserved holiday, there will be something … Read more

Mariner Promo Code – April 2011

No, it’s not an April fool. It’s for real and it’s a very useful thing: I’m going to give you the mariner promo code for April 2011. This promo code, which is exclusive to readers of will entitle you to an instant 30% discount to any software you get from Mariner Software. I’m running … Read more

Mariner Promo Code – January 2011

Well folks, just when I thought I will put an end to this 2 years long promotion, something happened. I was just about to take a break and prepared myself to write to the Mariner guys, letting them know that I’m off the grid for a while, when, all of a sudden, I thought: “why … Read more

How Does A Two Year Long Promotion Looks Like?

Two years ago I started a special promotion on this blog. It was a “let’s do it just to see if it works” kind of promotion between this blog and a Mac software producer called Mariner. Basically, each month I was releasing a special promo code, available only here, which will give to its happy … Read more

Mariner Promo Code – November Edition

We’re still in October, I know, but I decided to publish this post today, because tomorrow I will be “socially” silent. I won’t have any social media activity whatsoever, because I’m supporting this idea. So, the promo code for Mariner would be published today, but it will be available only starting November 1st. Many of … Read more

Mariner Promo Code – October Edition

Today is October 1st, which means it’s time for the special, unique and exclusive Mariner promo code which will give you an instant 20% discount on any Mariner products. Many of you are long time readers of my blog so I’ll just jump to the promo code first, and then get to the details. So, … Read more