100 Ways To Live A Better Life – 35. Manage Your Time Like You Manage Your Money

Have you ever thought about managing your time the same way you manage your money? Just give it a try. See where you spend most of your time, what the return of investment is and how rich are you in time. For instance, you would never spend money on things you don’t really like, right? … Read more

How To Create An Online Community – The Make Money Part

In the last article I described the process of creating an online community – namely the one around the Open Connect event. As of today, I started an experiment in monetizing this community. I’m going to share the entire process here. I don’t yet know if this experiment is going to be successful or not, … Read more

The Most Powerful Force In The Universe Is The Agreement

Ever wondered what money is? I know I did and not only once. The shortest answer I get when I ask around is: “pieces of metal or paper which can be exchanged for goods”. People don’t seem to have any difficulty whatsoever when giving me this answer. They even smile, like it’s the simplest thing … Read more

The Utterly Incomplete Guide On Monetizing Your Blog

Half of my life I lived under a communist regime. Among other funny things under a communist regime, money, or, to be more precise, the lack of it, was something pretty common. So, I started to learn the value of money very early, mainly by the absence of it. Why am I telling you that? … Read more

Fear Of Failure, Self-Sufficiency and Money

After my first successful exit, 2 years ago, I tried to keep a close contact with the local business community. Although my non-compete agreement was a little bit tougher, preventing me from starting something again on the same market, I somehow managed to keep my business network alive. Looking back (without anger, of course) this … Read more

Want To Make Money With Your Blog? Build Reputation!

Making money with a blog seems to be the Nirvana of self-publishing: everybody talks about it, a few claim to be there already, but fact is nobody really saw it. I always was fascinated by this incredible opportunity offered by blogging. Just 6-7 years ago, self-publishing, although praised and awaited, was nothing but a science … Read more