8 Things I Learned From Starting My 8th Business

A few weeks ago I wrote about disruption, and how to embrace it. The context was related to my sudden involvement in a new business (doubled by a drastic change in lifestyle, but that’s another story). The new business, a co-working space in Bucharest, called Connect Hub, is up and running now, and although it’s … Read more

How To Create An Online Community – The Make Money Part

In the last article I described the process of creating an online community – namely the one around the Open Connect event. As of today, I started an experiment in monetizing this community. I’m going to share the entire process here. I don’t yet know if this experiment is going to be successful or not, … Read more

How To Build An Online Community

What follows is a rather detailed breakdown of one of my most rewarding experiences as a digital nomad: namely, creating a real life community behind the Open Connect concept. If you want to know how to transform a personal, enriching experience, into a social experiment, if you love working from coffee shops or if you … Read more