7 Things I Learned From My 5 Year Old Girl

A few weeks ago it was Bianca’s 5th birthday. As always, each year I write a post about what I learned from her during the last year. If you want to read the previous posts, here they are, in order for one, two, three and four year anniversaries. 1. Diplomacy Is Easy Last year Bianca’s … Read more

7 Magical Ways to Use Curiosity as a Personal Development Tool

This is a guest post by Makenzie Kelly, @makenziekelly. “Judge a man by his questions rather than answers”, Voltaire Some say curiosity killed the cat.  I say what doesn’t kill the cat, makes it stronger! Curiosity has been classified as a nice-to-have attribute of a person; it definitely hasn’t been a reinforced attribute by our … Read more

33 Questions For An Interview With Yourself

Today I’m going to interview somebody really special on my blog. And that would be you. Exactly, you, the one who’s looking at the screen right now. You are a very important person and it’s an honor for me to interview you. I prepared a list of 33 questions and I’m really looking forward to … Read more

7 Questions To Answer Before Publishing A Blog Post

There was a time when publishing a blog post was easy. Just a few notes, jotted in a rush, a quick spell checking and then hit “Publish”. Well, it’s not anymore. At least for me. Besides the psychological benefits of “letting it all out”, a blog post has a much higher purpose. Again, at least … Read more