My Top 100 Self-Improvement Posts

At the moment of writing this post, there are more than 650 articles on this blog. Some of them are about business, some of them are about digital nomading, but most of them are about self-improvement. As I was looking at the most popular self-improvement posts this morning, I realized there’s quite a difference between … Read more

How Sleep Can Help You Become Better

If you came here thinking: “finally, there is one self-improvement technique that will allow me to sleep more and be great”, well, I hate to disappoint you. Because it’s not going to be about sleeping more. But it’s not going to be about sleeping less, either. Now you’re curious. I can feel it. Good. Curious … Read more

The Horrors and Joys of Consistency

This is a guest post by Lyman Reed – @lymanreed. “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines. “ — Emerson I’ve known that quote from Emerson’s Self-Reliance for as long as I can remember, but I don’t think that I really understood it until recently. … Read more

5 Things Inception Taught Me About Self-Improvement (And No, I’m Not Dreaming)

I’m not a movie hyper. I don’t rush to the movie theater at the first trailer, shaking my head in an uncontrollable enthusiastic crisis. On the contrary. I saw Titanic 3 years after it was launched. Matrix, 2 years after (please forgive me for that, I still took the redpill). Even Fight Club came to … Read more

How a Two-Word Aussie Catchphrase Can Change Your Life Forever

This is a guest post by David Damron, @daviddarmon. When I was 21, I took a life changing excursion to the land down under, Australia. I took this voyage under the guide of the International Student Volunteer (ISV) organization with other American college students. We spent two weeks volunteering by doing conservation work with wildlife … Read more

Pulltabs, MacGyver and the Road to Self-Improvement

This is a guest post from Colin Wright from (you can find him on Twitter under @colinismyname). Hungry I’m eyeballing the corkscrew at the other end of the counter. It could work. It HAS to work. Otherwise I’ll never be able to eat this damn pasta. I’m standing in the kitchen, exhausted after 15 … Read more

Being on Board at Launch48

The other day I was invited to an event called Launch48. It’s an online market event, aiming at pushing young entrepreneurs to launch a complete web application in 48 hours. I was invited to be part of the board. Little I knew about anything “launch48 related” until I made it there, I admit. Had no … Read more