Raw Food Diet Update: Two Months After

It’s been almost two months since I started the raw food diet and I thought it would be a good time to share some of the effects this diet had so far. For those of you unfamiliar with this type of eating I’ll just say that raw food means eating uncooked and unprocessed food, exclusively fruits, vegetables and seeds. I’ve been on this type of diet before, but now I do it much more strictly, while monitoring its effects more closely. First and foremost, I have to say that there were several exceptions from this diet, all of them because the events were out of my control.

It’s about the trip to New Zealand, which in itself counted as almost 4 days from the total amount of the last month. And two of these days were literally on air, the flight from Bucharest to Auckland is more than 22+ hours. So, on the plane I had to eat some cooked food, but I limited myself only to some bread now and then, some cheese, and the rest of the meals were just the salads, fruits or juice. The stewards were most of the time puzzled by my choice – and I have to admit that I could organize the trip a little better, by informing the airline company in advance about my culinary preferences – but they did their best to accommodate my appetite. So, with a little compromise from my part, I managed not to starve on the 4 transcontinental flights, and still keep the cooked food at a minimal level.

Another exception was an experiment. After reading a lot about B12 vitamin deficiency I decided to incorporate some B12 fortified food in my eating routine. I experimented with some cheese and then settled for B12 fortified cereals. I intend to eat twice a week a plate of B12 fortified cereals with plain water. It’s a compromise I need to make until I have a better understanding of this situation. The vast majority of raw food gurus seems to agree on the B12 necessity, while some other part claims that B12 can be found in seeds, especially sesame seeds. Will see more about that…

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What You Know Is What You Get

They say you cannot really enter a Universe, without modifying it. This sentence is especially frequent in quantum physics and it witness a very simple fact: whenever you go, whatever you do, you’ll be influenced in your perceptions by whatever you already know at that moment. Every Universe you enter will be shaped by your prior knowing about what a Universe should be. If you think the Universe should be round, all the Universes which you will explore will have the roundness property. If you think the Universe is flat, all the places in the known world will have just one dimension for you. At least, this is what they say…

This is very important especially when you translate it to personal development. If you think at the next level of your personal development like a Universe you want to explore, then you have already an approach for working with it. You’ll know that every level of your personal development will be actually shaped by your prior knowledge about it.

I take this in 2 ways:

  1. there is an intrinsic limitation of the Universes you may explore, because your knowledge is limited
  2. there are no limitations whatsoever to the Universes you may explore, as long as you first know them, or you have the power to imagine them.

There are decent arguments to sustain both approaches.

Most of the skeptics would go with number one, and prove that your experience is fundamentally limited because your knowledge is limited. Your knowledge is fed within the current world, so the next world should be more or less identical with this one. As long as your input is limited to this environment, it’s impossible to expand it to new, completely different environments.

Those left after the skeptics have spoken will attach to number two, and state that you can actually imagine everything and then experience it. I must say that I lean more towards this part of the world. The part who say that you have unlimited power to tune your imagination for unlimited Universes and then experience them physically, because you already knew them in your mind and made them possible.

I wrote this small and somehow abstract introduction because I recently experienced something related to these concepts. It’s a series of encounters and logical deductions which strongly pushed me to accept the second way of experiencing the world. Let’s start the story first, and then the revelations.

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Change management: it’s still you, only better

Each and every personal development program gives you at least one big thing: a promise of change. It tells you that during this program or challenge, you will change your habits. That’s something pretty big. And, most of the time, overlooked or ignored. People tend to forget that changing is a difficult process. Not because you have to spend your time and energy to make it happen, but because it will shift your identity. It will, literally, make you another person. Are you totally in sync with this new person? Are you identical with the new you? Are you congruent in thoughts and actions?

Perhaps not. It’s trivial to know that because you do that personal development program in order to change something about you, and that something is something that you don’t have yet. And those things in the old new and those things in the new you will collide, sooner or later. At that moment you will have an identity problem. If the change is small, the identity problem wouldn’t be big, not even noticeable, most of the time. It’s like loosing 3-4 kilos, it will show a little difference, but not so big, many people won’t even realize that.

But if the change is big, like a total lifestyle shift, then the identity crisis will be for real. You will notice it and people around you will notice it. It will make you question yourself almost every minute. It will challenge your thoughts and values. It will be something really important. 

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Do It For Yourself – who’s benefiting from your actions?

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Do It For Yourself

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