The Master Plan

Ever had the impression that there is a master plan? Something bigger than you, a web of ideas, situations and people that are linked together in a larger structure? I did. I actually had this sensation a lot during the last few years. And in the last few months, I started to feel it even more.

I often see things or get caught in situations that feel familiar to me. It’s like I’ve been experienced that before, or like I saw that thing some time ago. It’s not a deja-vu, though. A deja-vu will be something that will repeat identically to me. Those sensations are not repeating identically, there is a subtle change every time I see those things. I don’t know how to call it, things are almost identical, but there is some change involved.

I used to be scared when I started to have these impressions. First I was surprised, and then a little bit scared. Every repetition around you seems to be perceived like articulated language, and you start to look for significance. It’s ok to do this with people who are trying to talk with you, but when the Universe is starting to repeat sentences made from people and situations you feel a little fear.

That fear made the sensations disappear for a while. Or maybe the things were there, only I pretend they weren’t. Maybe that. Whatever the reasons, there was a big gap in how I perceived those recurring situations in my life.

I used to have a lot of insights during my teenage years, and then a big gap until 3-4 years ago. I used to see connexions and links in almost every little incident in my life when I was a teenager. Everything seemed to me like a big logical structure. Every detail had its role. And then, after I started to be more involved in the social game, like having a job, a standard set of relations and more, that vision disappeared. Everything was made of a discrete structure, with no more links than the present moment.

But as I said, those perceptions started to reappear 3-4 years ago. And with a lot more power. I started to observe coincidences and synchronicity. First I saw it in my life, and then I started to observe patterns in other’s life too. Apparently unrelated situations or persons lead to a certain type of outcome.

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