Christchurch – The Experience

Later edit: after I wrote the article, a few hours ago, more replicas of the initial earthquake have been reported and right now the situation is much worse than I initially depicted it. There is a huge demand for helping people trapped under collapsed buildings, for bringing in supplies and for starting the recovering process. … Read more

Being A Digital Nomad – A Primer

Ever wondered what being a digital nomad means? For me, this rather trendy (and almost overused) concept boils down to something really simple: a person who’s providing value through digital channels but who doesn’t have a fixed place to work. Doesn’t have an office and most of the time doesn’t have business cards either (the … Read more

Pulltabs, MacGyver and the Road to Self-Improvement

This is a guest post from Colin Wright from (you can find him on Twitter under @colinismyname). Hungry I’m eyeballing the corkscrew at the other end of the counter. It could work. It HAS to work. Otherwise I’ll never be able to eat this damn pasta. I’m standing in the kitchen, exhausted after 15 … Read more