The 33 Days Newsletter Challenge – Day Five

Here we go, with our fifth day of the 33 days challenge. The question for today was: “Do you think you are a good person?”.

First of all, I have to tell you that I did have a “minor technical difficulty” these days, something happened to my laptop. I won’d dive into the technical details, suffice to say that I wasn’t able to use it for the last three days. So, the posts are backdated now, but the answers are still valid.

Now, back to the answers.

B.D..”Yes, I believe I am a good person. I am nice to everyone, I try to help other women with personal problems, I try to help people eat healthier. I do what I can to help around the house, even though I’m disabled. I am trusted with secrets. I don’t judge other people for being  different, in fact I am interested in diversity and enjoy learning about other people’s differences. I am very loyal to my relationships.”

Thanks for this. I have to say that your answers are always uplifting. I get a very positive vibe from what you’re writing. Thanks again 🙂

A.A. “I am the best! Well, that’s the way my child see his mom 😉 But, I guess I’ll be a winner if I’ll stay on his scenario. It will be a classical self fulfilling prophecy 😉

Keep rocking! Another interesting point of view: stick with people who do think good about you and, eventually, you’ll become good.

C.F. “Yes, I think that I am a good person. I think that all the other guys are inherently good persons, too. Fortunately, there is always something that needs improving 🙂

Now, we are on the exact same page here. I also think all people are good, it’s their actions that sometimes are out of sync with what they want (or what we expect from them).

S.C. “All these questions are great!  They really make one think before one replies.

Since I believe in GOD and His Word, my answer will come from a biblical perspective: no, I do not think I am a good person, not in the true, real sense of the word.  I am a sinner but I make efforts to follow Jesus’ example and better myself every day.

Let me know if this is what you are looking for.

I don’t look for something specific, but it’s interesting to see all these answers. Unfortunately, I don’t believe in sin, heaven or hell, in the classical, biblical perspective.

S.L. “I don’t know how to answer this question. I don’t consider myself good or bad. I have a string of positive qualities that I’m proud of; I also have a string of negative qualities to work on. I used to aspire to be a good person. But then, what exactly defines a good person? There is no line to draw, just my actions that lead to outcomes. There is always something to learn from my decision, albeit painful ones sometimes. I’m done judging myself to be good or bad. I’m done stroking my ego when I think I’m good. I’m done beating myself up when I think I’m bad.

That’s great. That’s very close to where I think I am right now. I do think good and bad are very “contextual”. For some persons, in some situations, a thing may be good, but for other persons, in the exact same situations, the same thing may be bad.

I don’t believe that things have an intrinsic meaning. All that we perceive as meaning comes from our minds. We give sense to the world, we make it mean something.

That’s great, because you can create a beautiful world, if you want to. That’s horrible, because you can create a nightmare, if you want to.

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