The 33 Days Newsletter Challenge – Day Four

Here we go, with our fourth day of the 33 days challenge. The question for today was: “Are you healthy?”.

I have to confess that this challenge is a bit time consuming. It’s not the newsletter part that is taking more time than I thought it would, but the processing of the information. Some of the readers in my list are from distant countries and they receive the emails with quite some delay. Hence, they answers are coming in pretty late too. Also, the processing of their answers is starting to be a bit more difficult, because they add in. On the other side, though, I am exposed to a wealth of information. And that is a very good thing. I am starting to know my readers, I am starting to understand their needs, their goals, their personal experiences. And that was the main reason to start this newsletter.

Now, back to the answers.

S.C. “This is another great question. I think of myself as a very healthy person, I respect and like my body and the way it responds to circumstances and I take good care of it. The best care I can afford. I think of this body as a present from GOD, our Creator, and I try to honor it every day as the precious gift it actually is.

That’s a very nice answer. I especially liked the fact that you consider your body as a gift, and, subsequently, that you do try to keep in the best possible shape.

C.G. “I consider myself to be overall healthy. I have had my share of minor run-ins and a few scares but God has blessed me with overall good health. That said, I constantly have to work at it between finding time to exercise and eat properly. I recently met a 40 year old who has been battling bone cancer for the past 5 years. It was very sobering and put a lot of things in perspective including my health making me ever more aware of how important it is to take care of my body.

It’s interesting how we find the resources to do something when something we see in others scares us, right?

C.F. “Not perfectly healthy, and I realized yesterday, just after I sent the answer to your daily question, that there is, after all, something that I would probably do differently if I had more money: I might consider a better solution to some health problem.

Happy to see that I ignited at least a minor change in this area.

A.A. “Am I healthy? Well, I’m not in my best shape. My sleeping problems come with side effects. I am looking for my balance on this issue. I am fully aware that being tired will just slow down my mood / my work / my goals ;(

Sleeping problems can be really nasty and they can affect your health in many ways. If you can, do try to improve this.

Now, what about me? I consider myself to be healthy. People that know me for years are telling me that I look like I was in my twenties again (I will be 44 this year). I rarely catch a cold, and that happens usually when I have emotional problems that are somehow lowering my immune system tolerance. I lost 14 kilos since I started to run and last year I finished two marathons. I still exercise everyday and pay attention to what I eat. Food, as well as information. I consider the information we consume to be on the same range of positive / toxic impact as food, so I look at the menu before consuming anything. If it’s positive, I “eat” it, if it’s challenging, I ponder – sometimes I eat it sometimes I don’t – and if it’s negative (aggressive language, violence, etc) I just skip it all together.

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