The 33 Days Newsletter Challenge – Day Six

Today is the sixth day of the 33 days challenge. The question for today was: “How old are you?”.

I’m still updating the backlog of posts so this was not in “real time”, but nevertheless, the answers are getting better and better. As a matter of fact, although, there isn’t yet a full week since I started this, I begin to have a better idea about my readers. About their values, ideas, dreams and lives. And that makes me feel really lucky, you know?

Now, back to the answers.

C.F. “I recently managed to time-travel 10 years back! I got a job in the same place where I was working in 2004. I had many jobs, before and after, but that one was my favourite. I left it in 2008, because it seemed to me I had reached a deadlock. I’ve learned a lot meanwhile, and I now realize that I’m much better equipped to face the (almost) same problems. It’s like my old self has been waiting for me here to rescue her, or like I’ve been here all along and a veil has been taken off my eyes. Wow, so this is how time-travel feels! 🙂
Thank you, Dragos, for the question that gave me the chance to share this magical and amazing experience!

Now that’s a very interesting story. Happy to be part of it. Somehow.

C.P. “I am 46 in real but I feel and I live my life as a 36 most of the time…

however, I just love when I am dominated by my 16 years old, and when I actually feel the 46 as a gift of life experiences no one can compete with 😉

I totally agreed that age is just a number ,and what really matters is what you do with your age and how you live your life with it!

when people looked at me surprised about my 46 years old (which is often) I tell them -I the Yoga ;-)-

I so know the feeling. The feeling of being physically young, but mentally experiences. I also practice Yoga constantly and I know very well the benefits.

S.C. “I am a bit older (in natural years) than this, but I feel and sometimes act like I am 25. Actually, it’s a “better” 25 now since when I was actually 25, as I was not as wise and experienced as I am now. So now the wisdom from above plus all I have seen and experienced so far makes my “new” 25 a lot sweeter and much more fun.

Again, been there, done that. Age is mostly a tool to measure experience, if you live your life properly. It shouldn’t be a metric to show how physically depleted you are. If you do take proper care about yourself, things are going always in the right direction and each year is in fact an opportunity to celebrate what you lived, not the fact that you’re approaching the end of this journey.

A.A. “Few weeks ago I tested my mental age. Wonderful news: aparently I am 10 years younger. Not to mention that working in online field makes you feel forever young ;))”

So, you’re mentally 10 years younger than your real life? Welcome to the club!

C.P. “I should be that old to buy a house, start a family, know what I’m made for, be serious, and dependable, and balanced, and focused, be brave, prudent and have a savings account. I’m 27. And not old enough.

(or maybe simply asking myself all these questions makes me older ?!)

27 is a beautiful age to be. Being responsible and dependable, though, does not have any link with the age whatsoever. It’s something that you choose to be. Or not.

S.L. “My soul is ageless and eternal. But, in terms of my evolution and personal growth, I feel a shy 5-year-old socially. I feel like a 20-year-old in my personal and spiritual journey, always exploring, always on an exciting adventure. I feel like a 30-year-old in my personal relationships and friendships, stable and reliable. I feel like a 35-year-old when I deal with my emotions, I know enough of what to do so that I don’t get overpowered by my emotions; I’m still learning to use my emotions as an asset in my life I feel like a 40-year-old intellectually; I have always been deemed as a white-bearded philosopher by those who are close to me.

That’s a very detailed answer. I can totally relate to the fact that different parts of our being have different ages.

B.D. “My age? Here’s the funny thing about that: I am 52, I look 38 (no wrinkles), but I feel 70. I look young, I believe, because I drink a lot of water, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol, and incorporate music and humor into my life every day. However, because I am disabled, with severe spinal nerve damage & can’t walk, I stress out my upper body every day, trying to use a walker because I don’t want to live in a wheelchair. Therefore, I am sore all the time. Also, my body is inflamed because I eat too much sugar and wheat (flour) products. I plan to go 75% vegan NOW (and cut out sugar) to see a big change in how I feel. Plus, I will exercise every day in whatever way my body will let me. I believe diet and exercise play a huge part in how young we look and feel.”

Looks like your diet changes will be very beneficial. I’ve been raw vegan for 9 months and it was a very good period – healthy-wise – of my life.

Now, it’s my turn to answer.

Yesterday I was getting back home in a cab driven by a lady. At some point, we started to talk and then we got to this age thing. I don’t know how, it, just happened. When I asked her how old does she thinks I am, she said: “31 at most”. This year I’ll be 44.

I am very grateful for the fact that I look like a thirty year old man. It’s not by chance, although I confess I have exceptional genes: my grandfather is 98 and doing well. I’m grateful for that too. But during the last 5 years I made a lot of drastic adjustments in my behaviour: gave up smoking 7 years ago (every once in a while I do smoke a cig, which means I’m over the addiction part), I experienced a lot in the diet part (been raw vegan for 9 months), I started to run (finished 2 marathons so far) and I began a massive thought-cleaning operation.

Physically, I feel like I’m 25. Mentally, though, I feel like I’m 50, but I’m not feeling old at all. On the contrary, I’m lighter and happier than I was when I was 25, for instance. I’m just aware of the fact that I experienced a lot in my life. It’s only during the last year that I started to integrate some of the most difficult experiences in my life, but now things are really starting to fall into places.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still on a (very) bumpy road here, but it happens that I just enjoy it more than before. Way more, actually.

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