The 33 Days Newsletter Challenge – Day Ten

Today is the tenth day of the 33 days challenge. The question for today was: “What makes you smile? Name at least 10 reasons…”.

Let’s see the answers.

L.K. ”
1. Seeing other people smile
2. A hot cup of coffee
3. Watching my cat chase his tail
4. Getting big hugs from my daughter
5. I smile when I pass others on the street as a greeting
6. Watching ducks or swans in the lake.
7. Climbing into a fresh made bed
8. I smile when I review the best parts of my day
9. I smile when I feel gratitude for what I have in my life ( Yes I am truly blessed)
10. Just because…

I smile often because I have a great life and want to share my blessings with others. Just sharing a kind word and a smile can change a person’s day

I liked number 7. Never thought of that before.

T.L. ”
1. observing my children from a distance (rather than policing them)
2. talking to strangers and leaving with a feel good message
3. riding my bicycle
4. visiting the community yoga circle before the sunset (when I know no one else will be getting up at sunrise)
5. conducting kooky spontaneous things for the community or my family
6. making a cup of my own lemongrass tea from the garden
7. feeding my worms in the worm farm
8. making bread
9. seeing my wife smile within (usually from a session surfing)
10. being still on mind and body (not often enough)

Again, number 7 was surprising. I confess I didn’t even know that there is a such a thing like a worm farm.

C.F. ”
1.meeting a friend
2.receiving a compliment
3.looking in the mirror after having a haircut
4.smelling a rose
5.humming a happy song
6.a stray dog following me in the street
7.a kiss
8.watching children play
9.eating ice-cream
10.answering your question

This time, it’s number 6 that made me curious. I wouldn’t be smiling if I’d be followed by a stray dog. To be honest.

B.D. “Things that make me smile are things that give me a really good positive feeling inside, such as when I see someone doing something good. Here are 10 things that make me smile:

1) Sunshine
2) A bird sitting on a branch singing a beautiful song
3) Seeing 2 ants helping each other carry something much larger than themselves. (I love nature!)
4) The smell of fresh-brewed coffee (even though I don’t drink it)
5) Watching a marriage proposal that ends up with a “yes.”
6) The feel of a soft, warm blanket enveloping me in winter.
7) When my boyfriend gives me a gift for no special reason other than love.
8) Singing with a great band (I’m a musician)
9) Seeing Colin Firth in any movie. Yum!
10) Whenever someone thanks me for being their friend.

I loved number 3.

A.A. ”
Mirrors … I smile as trying to make a friend

Music … I smile like celebrating the end of bullshit era

White papers … I smile as following a mystery on its way to the be revealed

Darkness … I smile as using the biggest weapon against fear

People dancing … I smile as finding the proof of 2 people playing in the same dream

My child … I smile when he is playing with his father

Old people … I smile as seeing a fulfilled promise of life

Strangers … I smile as: look, I am human even if I don’t use words 🙂

Stars … I smile because they smile at me first

My boss … I smile as: hey, the end is coming and nobody fucks with the Jesus

Great list! I will definitely borrow some items from here.

S.C. ”
1. A beautiful warm sunny day, as created by GOD our heavenly master, is at the top of the list.
2. A joke from my mom.
3. A smile from my children.
4. A “thank you” card.
5. A nice, unexpected gesture (like someone holding the door for me).
6. A “Happy Birthday” email I get to write to an “old” school mate.
7. A great fitting pair of shoes.
8. A great, encouraging quote from the Scripture.
9. A good medical report, for my family members and for myself.
10. A bike ride in May, when all the blooming trees are hanging over the streets.
11. A car ride with the sunroof opened and the warm sun coming in.
12. A leisure summer stroll with my children.

Yes, number 7 again. I admit I am satisfied when I get a pair of shoes, but I’m not smiling a lot because of this.

C.E. “I will do a quick free association writing to see where it takes me 😉

Smile. Happy faces. People. People I love. Cats. My cat (mega smile). Kittens. Puppies. Babies. Children. Playground. Playing. Swinging. Dancing. Zumba. My zumba trainer: smiling is a rule at her class and she’s very funny and sweet. Peaches. Kaki (is a fruit also). Feeling my sexual energy. Making love. His smile. Painting. Travelling. Flying – yeah!, love to be on air. Clouds. Mountains. The ocean. White beach. Coloured shells. Silvery fishes around my feet. Waves. Swimming. Floating.The sun on my face. Warmth. Light. Starry sky. A comet. Rainbows.

I’ll stop here with a biiig smile on my face and feeling refreshed. It was a lovely, quick trip, thank you!

Thanks for the exercise. Refreshing!

Here are my 10 smiling reasons:

1. Kids
2. A nice sunrise
3. A nice sunset
4. Dancing tango
5. Talking to a beautiful woman
6. Receiving a gift
7. Finishing a difficult task or project
8. Practicing yoga in the morning
9. Listening to good music
10. Sometimes, I smile for no reason at all.

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