The 33 Days Newsletter Challenge – Day Three

Here we go, with our third day of the 33 days challenge. The question for today was: “Do you have enough money?”. A really tricky one, I know.

Here are the answers from the people who replied:

A. A. “Well, enough is not enough 🙂 Now being serious I would say that I expect for more and I have plans for that.

Having plans for more is always a good decision. Like, really.

C.F. “I’m often asking myself what would I do differently if I had more money. Usually the answer is “nothing”. For example, if I think that if I had more money, I would travel to Mexico, after thinking it better I discover that the real reason why I’m not travelling to Mexico is not money, but the fact that I hate travelling alone (because I had enough of it). At present, I think that if I had enough money, I would build a house. But the real reason why I don’t start making plans to build a house is that I don’t have a partner to share this dream with me.

Looks like money is no issue for you, other things arel. I share parts of your approach too. Like in money is just a mean to an end.

V.Z. “Enough for nice month ahead of me, but not enough to plan ahead – to invest in a car, or apartment or stuff.

Getting ahead is ok. Should be ok, I guess.

P.T. “I have no money sad can’t seem to get that right

That’s an interesting take. I confess I’ve been there more than once. Every time I were in that situation it meant I actually spent more than I earned.

S.L. “This is a difficult question for me to answer. My basic needs are still taken care of by my parents. Without their support, I estimate that with the money that I have, I could survive for three months. I’m slowly weaning off my dependency on money. experimenting with planting vegetables and minimal living. I am opening myself to give within my means and receive what I need. I feel I have enough today. I live for each day.

Thanks for sharing, I really appreciate your courage and your approach. Keep doing it!

As for me, I’ve been on both sides of the money question. I was poor and I was rich. As of now, I’m slowly recovering from the effects of the financial crisis. It’s a bumpy ride.

My own take towards money is that it really is a form of energy, born on top of agreement. Money cannot exists outside agreement and, after being a forex trader for six months, I can see it so much clearer now. It’s also a form of energy because it can actually manifests a lot of stuff, from things to processes. So, I do think we need money in our lives, the same way we need energy to go on. But, as it is with electricity, it’s up to you what you do with this energy…

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