The 33 Days Newsletter Challenge – Day Two

Here we go, with our second day of the 33 days challenge. The question for today was: “Who do you love?”.

As promised, here are the answers from the people who replied:

A. A. “Well, that will be my 4 y.o. child.  I love his good faith that superheroes do exist, his designs when he creates new Lego cars or spaceships, his creative answers to ‘everything’ even if he has no clue on that issue, his energy & joy, his need for routine and the way he say ‘daaaa’.

I can so totally hear you. I have two kids and I remember both very well when they were 4.

B.D. “I seem to love those who make me feel good. They are positive and make me laugh and enjoy life. I’m a musician and I feel my musician friends are the most positive people in my life, so I love them the most.

That’s an interesting take. We do seem to project love easier on the persons who are going easy on us. Like giving enough room to move, for instance.

S.C. “- First, I love and respect GOD, our Creator and Sovereign, Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and our guardian angels

– Then, I love and respect my family – my mom and my 2 children (who are also gifts from GOD)

– Thirdly, I love and respect the rest of my (extended) family, as they matter a lot to me

– Also, on a different level, I love this Earth, the life that GOD in his infinite wisdom created on it, nature (plants, animals etc), the sun, moon and beautiful stars that make our days and nights wonderful and worth living.

Now, that’s and extended list and it’s avery interesting one. You seem to have a big heart 🙂

I think this question is one of the most important ones in our lives. Yet, it’s so often overlooked, or pushed in the back of our brains, giving space to our mundane, survival-oriented tasks. I think the answer to this question changes as we grow, as we evolve, as we experience different things. Sometimes it may be a person, sometimes it may be group of persons (like your family), sometimes it may even be an idea or an audacious goal that makes your heart grow with enthusiasm.

But what doesn’t change is the love inside. I think it’s just triggered by different things, different persons, different experiences. But love doesn’t change. We, as the perishable hosts of it, may change, may grow old, may shrink or may expand, but love always stays the same.

Because that’s what driving us ahead.

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