The Best Of My Blog. And Its Newsletter

This isn’t technically an article. It’s more like a blog post. You know, that thing where let people know what happened to you last night, how’s life and how many pancakes you had for breakfast. In other words, it’s just an announcement.

But a very special one. Because, believe it or not, as of today I’m starting my first blog newsletter ever. Yes, I did it. I finally emerged from my cave and decided it’s time to keep up with the modern days. And having a newsletter seems to be pretty common in these modern days. I’m using Aweber, after tinkering for a while with MailChimp too. The reason behind that decision is that MailChimp doesn’t allow for affiliate offers in their system (against their Terms Of Services).

I do intend to have some affiliate offers in my newsletters, from time to time. I also intend to make this newsletter into a channel for new and exclusive content. And since you’re going to spend some time reading these messages, I thought to offer you some kind of compensation. And that’s the part related to the “best of my blog” in the title. Because you will get a completely free ebook with some of the best articles of my blog.

But there’s a catch. A very interesting one. Not only you will get the best of my blog, but you will also get the best of other two blogs that I value and follow. One is, by Oscar Del Ben, and the other one is by Dirk De Bruin (also know as Diggy). Here’s the cover, in case you’re wondering how it looks (pretty slick, if you ask me):

Just a few days after the beginning of the year, Diggy wrote me asking if I want to be part of a new collaborative project. I usually do, so I said yes. The idea of having not only one “best of” collection, but three, packaged into one fancy ebook, was something that clicked immediately.

So, if you want to get this 130 pages ebook absolutely for free, all you have to do is to sign up to my newsletter by using the form at the end of this post. That’s it. You will be required to confirm your subscription and after that you’ll be finally part of the gang. And you will get your freebie.

Of course, you can unsubscribe anytime and rest assured that your email is safe with me. I hate spam as much as you do (and possibly more, since a regular day for my Inbox means at least 200 messages, out of which i don’t think I can classify as “legit” more than 10-20). So, it’s perfectly cool and safe.

Expecting more from this article? Well, that’s it.

For now. 😉

8 thoughts on “The Best Of My Blog. And Its Newsletter”

  1. The ski references then became even more literal ?C as if indeed they possibly could what with ski lifts whizzing around before us – and mountains played out over the cocoon jackets and coats. If only this is how piste life could really be ?Cthat glamorous.

  2. > a channel for new and exclusive content
    There does seem to be something different from a user experience standpoint when it comes to newsletters. Somehow it transcends a blog post.

    It’s like connecting to your tribe in a way that’s above and beyond the blog.


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