The Creative Life – Play Your Way to Success

This is a guest post by Mars Dorian, @marsdorian.

Have you recently looked into the eyes of a child ?

There’s a shimmer that doesn’t come from this world. A sparkle of pure potential.

It’s magic, and it can only be experienced.

But as we grow older, we tend to lose it. Why ?

I’m not really sure – maybe it’s social conditioning, maybe your emotional dependence on the outside, heck, it doesn’t really matter.

What matters is how we can bring back the spark, because we need it.

A world without playfulness is bland, dull and boring. It’s an artless world.

Mavericks like Steve Jobs, Lady Gaga or Seth Godin make art, because they know how to play. Why not join them ?

The benefits of being playful

From my experience, there are only advantages in becoming playful. Everything changes – the world becomes fresh and exciting again.

This is what I personally noticed:

Interactions become more alive and fulfilling. I don’t know about your area, but where I live people don’t really have passion when they talk. They lower the voice and swallow words – conversations feel like a drag. When I enter this scenario, I bring back the fire. I talk with lots of energy and ask exciting questions. Watch it – people light up, things get vibrant again. The interaction turns into a game that everyone loves to play.

Work becomes play. I hope you enjoy your work already, but having a childlike mind makes it even more rewarding. You are curious and try more things. You don’t kick yourself when you screw up, because screwing up becomes joyful learning. Your ideas become more edgy and creativity tends to flow longer. Seriously, work becomes play, except the tax part 😉

People luv to be or work with you. When I’m playful, I’m shiny. My aura emits a certain positive energy that captivates people like a tractor beam. People crave positivity, and if they can sense it in you, they’ll follow you. Just like flies – they go where the light is.

Life becomes way easier. Boy, isn’t that what we all want ? The meteors of life will still hit you, but they’ll land much softer. A playful approach makes you more carefree – you accept most things as they are. You don’t get crazy-mad anymore, because you know there are lots of events you can’t control. A smile guides you through your day: The sun is shining, the rain is falling. It doesn’t matter – you’re just doing your thing.

How to become more playful

Now you know why it’s awesome to have a playful attitude. But how can you get it ?

The older you are, the harder the work. You have to get rid of social conditioning, and that can be a daunting challenge. The following steps have helped me bring the magic back into my life. I’m pretty sure they can help you too 😉

Make a promise to smile more. Not only does it feel good, but it will also “beautify” the effect you have on other people. Do you know the kind of person that lights up the room ? Why not become that person ?

Practicing your smile takes time, and it does feel a bit fake in the beginning. But the more you smile, the easier it gets. Soon, it will become a part of your personality.

Always think in terms of potential. I remember this phrase from a beloved fairy tale: You should always think of 6 impossible things before breakfast.

Isn’t that a grrreat way to start a morning ? If you think “impossible” thoughts on daily basis, you will drastically expand your consciousness. Soon, you will drop a “It won’t work” for a “What If ?”

Become a yes (wo)man. I missed a lot of great opportunities in my life, because I said “no” too many times. No to this, no to that. Man, how I missed out. Well, not anymore. When faced with a new opportunity, even (or especially) if it gives me the shivers, I just say yes. Yes to this, and yes to that. The result ? Pure adventure.

Give yourself that gift. Say yes, and leap into the unknown.


Life isn’t always easy, but it can be exciting. Get yourself that playful attitude, and embrace the new freshness of life.

Remember the sparkle ? It will return to your eyes.

Author bio: Mars Dorian is a digital entrepreneur who wants to change the online world through personal branding and creative marketing. Join him on Twitter and grab his feed.

17 thoughts on “The Creative Life – Play Your Way to Success”

  1. I agree that being playful is at it’s utmost importance. I get a lot of energy from my cat because of watching her be so playful and carefree. It’s nice to surround yourself with people that have the playful attitude as well. It can really help on your bad days.

  2. I find the more serious I am being through work or whatever, the more I have to be silly when I can, otherwise I can start to feel old and boring!
    My favourite thing if I have had a long day and it is raining, is to jump in all the puddles on my way home. I may still have my stilletoes on from the office, get home having had a few funny look and wet legs, but with a huge grin on my face!

  3. Hey Dragos! How was your weekend?

    Good Article, I always say that people can learn a lot from a child. Their actions aren’t affected by the jaded experiences of life–which is what I love most about them.

    All the best,


  4. Mars –

    That is a cracking post – there is something magical about playing our way through the day. It is a liberation, a choice to do something different. I love the idea of thinking in potential and possibilities rather than realities – so much better. Love your post, thanks!


  5. Hey, Mars.
    I love being playful and childlike most of the time. Unfortunately there are some times when I have to pretend to be an adult (ICKY), but those take less of my time that enjoying life and looking for its possibilities.

    • yeah, sometimes you have to be an adult. But even then can you keep the freshness of a child and play with work. Well, it doesn’t seem to work with filling out your tax reports (yet) 😉

  6. Mars,

    Getting back to the inner child within ourselves is incredibly empowering. When we were kids we didn’t have many of the fears, problems, and mind sets that we have today that sadly hold us back. I’m with you in that I see my work more as play and it just become so much more fulfilling and fun. Dude, at the rate I’ve seen you blowing up I think I’m going to have to write a blog post about you at some point :).

    • Hey Srini,
      IT is incredibly empowering. Fun can be found at the core of everything, you just have to get the energy of child and see the world with fresh eyes. It’s possible, I know from experience 🙂

  7. Mars,
    You are so right on the shimmer in a child’s eyes. Kids have a natural sense of wonder and excitement that often gets lost as we “grow up.”

    I’m with you on one of your possible solutions, and it’s funny the timing of it, because I just wrote a whole post about smiling. (Link included below) I didn’t get the whole smiling thing when I was a kid, but I’ve come to find the power in it. It did indeed take practice, but now I smile all the time and it feels so much better.

    • Hey Eric,

      yes, there is something magical about it. And it really is bigger than most people think – it can literally transform your life, if you apply it daily !
      It took me AGES to get back into the positive mindset of a child.

  8. thanx Darren,

    it took me ages to get back into play mode again, but now I’m fully back, and I’m enjoying the full ride. You are right – relationships AND business get WAY better. All of my favorite mavericks play.

  9. Awesome Post!

    I think being playful is absolutely the best way to live. Just switching to becoming a playful person will make all your relationships with other people incredibly amazing. Strip away everything that isn’t fun and playful and then you will be left with really amazing friendships and relationships with truly amazing people. Good post.

    Darren L Carter

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