The Delusive Simplicity Of The “Law Of Attraction”

I find the buzz and bewilderment around the “Law of Attraction” somehow unjustified. Also, the actual validity of this entire phenomenon is starting to feel limited. There was a time, back when I was first exposed to it (via the movie “The Secret”, like everyone else) when it seemed legit. It offered a very convenient shortcut to some gaps that were still around in my mental map. It checked some boxes.

But as I got older, I came to realize that, while still valid, the model is way too simplistic.

It’s like pointing at a TV set and saying: “if you want to see a beautiful story on that screen, you should push that button, and only that one”. Of course the TV will turn on every time you push that button, and, if it’s on Netflix, you will see a nice and maybe even beautiful story, but it’s not like your pushing of the button created that story. It’s an entire universe hidden behind that simple gesture that puts everything in motion. If you really want to understand what happens when you push the button, you need to know what electricity is, how a TV set functions and renders images, and how a movie is broadcasted over the internet.

So the Law of Attraction really “works”, but not in the sense that we think it is. It’s not as easy as it is marketed. We may learn to push the right buttons, and, in most of the cases, the TV will turn on, and maybe it will be on the right “channel” too, and then we will experience whatever we wished for.

But, sooner or later, there will come a time when something weird will happen. Maybe there will be a power outage. Maybe someone forgot to pay the subscription to Netflix. Maybe there will be a strike at some company that provides internet and there won’t be anything broadcasted that day. And, even if we did everything we had to – namely pushing the right buttons – the TV set will remain black. We won’t get what we want.

Because, deep down, the real Law of Attraction is just hard work. You need to work to pay your electricity bill, you need to work to pay the subscription to Netflix, and, even more, you need to play your part in the “grand scheme of things”. You need to do whatever you can so people around you will have whatever they need, so their lack of needs won’t interfere with your wishes. It seems weird, but yes, you getting what you want means that everybody must get what they want too. If there’s a strike somewhere, it means someone needs something and, even if there isn’t a direct relationship between you and their needs, somehow, you have to make sure you played your part well. The simple fact that you get a beautiful story on your TV screen is the resultant of a million desires fulfilled for a million people.

Just “pushing the right button” is a mere convenience, it’s not the cause. The real cause is way more complex than that and it has to do more with simple things like responsibility, compassion and just doing your job, than it has to do with magic.

When you understand how things work, you also understand what “pushing the button” really means. There’s no sorcery there. There’s no magic. There’s pure causality.

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