The Master Plan

Ever had the impression that there is a master plan? Something bigger than you, a web of ideas, situations and people that are linked together in a larger structure? I did. I actually had this sensation a lot during the last few years. And in the last few months, I started to feel it even more.

I often see things or get caught in situations that feel familiar to me. It’s like I’ve been experienced that before, or like I saw that thing some time ago. It’s not a deja-vu, though. A deja-vu will be something that will repeat identically to me. Those sensations are not repeating identically, there is a subtle change every time I see those things. I don’t know how to call it, things are almost identical, but there is some change involved.

I used to be scared when I started to have these impressions. First I was surprised, and then a little bit scared. Every repetition around you seems to be perceived like articulated language, and you start to look for significance. It’s ok to do this with people who are trying to talk with you, but when the Universe is starting to repeat sentences made from people and situations you feel a little fear.

That fear made the sensations disappear for a while. Or maybe the things were there, only I pretend they weren’t. Maybe that. Whatever the reasons, there was a big gap in how I perceived those recurring situations in my life.

I used to have a lot of insights during my teenage years, and then a big gap until 3-4 years ago. I used to see connexions and links in almost every little incident in my life when I was a teenager. Everything seemed to me like a big logical structure. Every detail had its role. And then, after I started to be more involved in the social game, like having a job, a standard set of relations and more, that vision disappeared. Everything was made of a discrete structure, with no more links than the present moment.

But as I said, those perceptions started to reappear 3-4 years ago. And with a lot more power. I started to observe coincidences and synchronicity. First I saw it in my life, and then I started to observe patterns in other’s life too. Apparently unrelated situations or persons lead to a certain type of outcome.

That was the time when I started to study astrology. For those of you still into tabloid-like zodiacs, I recommend first reading this post about understanding astrology. The main reason for studying astrology was finding an answer to these coincidences. And, to some extent, astrology proved useful. I learned how, using a symbolic model of the reality, to understand some patterns in my life. It was a very enlightening experience.

But as I said, only to some extent. Because, despite it’s power and deepness, astrology can’t explain everything. In fact, astrology won’t explain anything, it will just point you to a larger and more detailed context. That’s all astrology does, it will not live your life for your and it will not answer all of your questions. You’ll still have to find your own way in that larger context.

So, the coincidences are still there. I still see recurring patterns and persons all the time, and with more clarity than ever. And the other day I just had this thought into my mind: what if there is a Master Plan? Something bigger and more complex than you could imagine? What this Master Plan would be like? How would you perceive it? How you will understand it? How can you become part of it?

I’m still wondering while I’m writing right now, but there are some parts that are starting to slowly unveil. Like pieces from a puzzle. Very small pieces of a puzzle, to be correct.


Each and every familiar person you encounter over and over is a riddle. If you happen to meet over and over the same person, there is something that you need to understand from that person. It’s a carrier, a messager. His message though is encrypted.

You don’t have to find the same person to understand that message, you can just find very similar persons. Not physically identical, but very very similar. I had this type of experience when I first visited New Zealand, and I wrote about it in this post. I met a number of persons during my trip and all of them seemed extremely familiar to me, although I never saw them before in my life (except one).

The riddle those persons carried was about my level of understanding. I needed them in order to show me how I enter a new universe, and how can I shape this universe based on my prior experience. It was a very enlightening experience. I still assimilate on that one.

That was only a dimension of the relation with those people. I still had a normal and relaxed interaction with each and every one of them, but on top of that was this feeling of something familiar. This is where the Master Plan inserts into your life, it is no obtrusive. You live your life as you should, but you get some hints from time to time.


Each familiar situation you face is a situation you haven’t yet solved. This is why it repeats over and over again. Most of the time those repeating situations deals with unpleasant things, but there are times when you find a situation repeating into your life just for the fun of it. Falling in love from time to time for instance, is a familiar situation. And it doesn’t have anything unpleasant in it. You just have to understand more and more from love.

I found that if you resist to solve a situation, it will reappear into your life in a different, and usual more powerful form. Contrary to the astrological belief that an unsolved situation will be carried as bad karma, I found situations that were unsolved, presented to be solved in another form, but wrapped up in a sweeter form than before. Like hiding a bitter pill into a candy.

Of course, some recurring situations are just popping out violently and aggressively. That doesn’t make them less solvable, on the contrary.

Solving a recurring situation is something extremely powerful. Don’t think fireworks, there won’t be any mass media announces when you solve some of the recurring situations of your life. It will be silent and intimate. But it will dramatically change your inner structure.

Surprisingly or not, the bigger structure of the Master Plan would be changed too after you solve a recurring situation. You might be presented again with that situation, but from my experience this is happening mostly from the observer chair. It’s like the Master Plan is projecting a movie, pointing you to situations in other people lives, just for entertaining. Or to remind you from time to time that you’ve been there too, and now you can help others overcome this situation.


Decisions are a mix of people and situations and are more like the keys to unlock the doors. I’ve often found myself in front of the same decision I had to make years ago. Only the physical surroundings were different. In fact, I had to repeat many bad decisions until I finally found some way to transcend them.

For example, I’ve made a lot of bad decisions when I chose my employees, back when I had an online publishing business. I always hunted for people less experienced than me and with less knowledge. Of course, this was out of fear of getting out of employees. If I was more experienced than them I could somehow control them and keep them for going to another company. Totally dumb, of course. When I realized that I had this decision going on and on for years I started to change it. Gradually: I first started some internal courses in the company, to raise the expertise level, and then I started to hunt for real high skilled people. But it was time to quit that job anyway.

But that decision to find really skilled people to work with paid back even after I sold the business. Right now, on my coaching activities I look for extremely gifted and skilled people to coach. I don’t want to do business with non skilled people, and I don’t want to do business out of fear. Coaching is the very best expression of this decision: I go for the other guy success, not for mine. Or, in other words, I’m successful only when the other guy breaks through.

It seems that the Master Plan is popping out those decisions exactly in the same form during the years. It must deals with some very deep mechanisms within me that needs change. I started to pay a lot more attention to the way I’m taking decisions. I learned that despite the actual number of those decisions in my life, from going to shopping up to starting a new habit, the quality of those decisions is somehow unchanged.

If I take a decision out of fear or with some degree of uncertainty in my head, the decision will surely reappear in my life sooner or better. It’s not about results, because based on my experience I can predict better results even if I take a decision based on fear. It’s about the inner vibration of that decision. Until it’s done with joy and ease, it will pop up again and again. That’s how my Master Plan is working.

How is your Master Plan working? Do you feel like having a Master Plan? Is everything fresh in your life without any recurring pattern? Have you seen your own mistakes in other people lives? I would love to hear your feed-back.

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  1. It is fabulous to see two of my favorite topics overlapping – synchronicity and personal development!! I see synchs everywhere, in fact it was a large part of what drove me to my own research, book and blog. Paying attention to these signals – (re astrology I agree with you, they are good signs but don’t let them keep you from actually going down the road!!) – and they will assist us in walking down our individual paths, until we can all converge together on the Great Path. Surf the Tao! (btw “The Field” is indeed a great book, enjoy!)

    Angela’s last blog post..Notes from the Surf XXXV

  2. @Celes absolutely true, free will is the beauty of all this. You might have a direction, a path or a mission but you have this fantastic power – which I guess it was the riskier bet of the Creator – which could actually turn the game upside down. We do have free will, a will so strong that could actually go way over our initial plan. Or it could ruin it completely. Thanks for sharing that 🙂

  3. @Louis Liem “when the will is strong the Universe will provide” – I like that, it reminds me of Paulo Coelho approach: “when you really really want something, that whole Universe will be in conspiracy for your will”. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  4. @nutuba I loved the way you separated our perishable values (like wealth, for instance) from the greater level of “walking with the One who created you”. Yes, you may have hardship in your life but hard and easy are just contextual values that can change in a moment. Experiencing life at all levels, being in the moment is something that is above and beyond everything else. Thanks for your nice words, I appreciate you being here 🙂

  5. @Kikolani thanks for sharing your experiences. I can surely relate to what you said at the end of your comment: everyone has a destiny and misery might come from resistance to fulfill it. But I might call it “mission” rather than destiny, the word “destiny” has a fixed dimension in it, something that is written in stone and impossible to change. While looking at things through the “mission” perspective I gain more flexibility and I am able to use circumstances and similarities in order to fulfill my mission.

  6. @Jonathan great insight here! Yeap, totally agree that there is some strong connection between us and the things around us. There is a huge link between what we want and what we get. And you are totally right, many of the things around us are just a reflection of what we are. I guess the reason why such a belief is not very popular is because our “bad” parts. If everything around us is a reflection of what we are, then why we have a stinky job, a bad relationship and no money? The answer is: because we do stink at creating value, we do no relate to others in a generous way and we hate money. It’s hard to believe that, it’s hard to integrate it in your day to day routine and it’s even harder to start to change. It’s easier to blame it on “circumstances”. But at the end of they day, we cannot face everything but the truth: everything is inside us, the outside is just a consequence. Thanks for your comments, it’s always refreshing and you add a lot of value every time you join the conversation 🙂

  7. @BunnygotBlog I know what you mean, sometimes I meet somebody for the first time and I just know that I’m going to have a good relationship with that person. Glad you liked it 🙂

  8. @Mike King I agree, it is wonderful to look back at our decisions and have one of those “a-ha” moments when we realize that everything is fitting together. We may have some delays, we might spend a lot more time than we think into a certain situation but after a while those consistent decisions are joining forces together to create a big change. I’m glad you enjoyed this 🙂

  9. @Kernunas I like the term “cognitive awareness”. I also had this type of mundane experiences, not only with the car, but also when moving in a new house I shifted my focus from an apartment lifestyle to a house lifestyle with a huge impact on my shopping behavior, for instance. I started to look at gardening tools, outside furniture and so on. I consider those signposts very important and getting in touch with them is one of the most fulfilling activity although one might say it’s a little bit shallow, as it lacks a lot of our scientifical approach. Thanks for commenting on this one 🙂

  10. Hi Dragos, what a great post again 🙂 I see our lives as a huge series of different things we experience that will at the end make sense when we reach the end point. It’s like Steve’s Job’s famous speech on connecting the dots. Sometimes we may veer off track, but ultimately the universe will keep presenting the options for us to take on. Ultimately it boils down to free will, so while we have our own master plan, some might choose not to embrace it and will end up with a different destiny than their plan.

    Celes | EmbraceLiving.Net’s last blog post..25 Of My Best Weight Loss Tips

  11. I believe so too. In fact, the master plan may have already been in our mind and is waiting for the right time to come up as a desire to make something come true. When the will is strong, the universe will provide everything you need to make it happen.

    Louis Liem’s last blog post..Busby SEO Test – Adding Nofollow Without Changing WordPress Codes

  12. Absolutely I believe that there is a Master Plan for each of us, and our individual master plans are woven into a tapestry of one big master plan. I know some who would scoff at this, but I believe God knows each of us as individuals and has a plan for each of us. Through prayer / meditation and studying the Bible, the master plan becomes clearer day by day. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have hardship; it doesn’t mean you’ll be wealthy; it doesn’t mean you will have great health; but it means you can walk with the One who created you.

    (Just my two cents. 🙂

    I love your writing and your thought provoking insight. It’s refreshing and original and I look forward to more!

    nutuba’s last blog post..Featured Triond Writer: Kate Smedley

  13. That is a truly interesting concept. I have had deja vu like experiences all the time, although mine have felt like they were identical to something I had done before. In my mind, it’s like I feel like if I had a longer amount of time before something was said, I would be able to predict it before it came out of the other person’s mouth.

    I have also noticed that I find similarities in people. Not just physical, but sometimes in their expressions or mannerisms. I’ll feel at ease with them because they seem familiar, even though they are not.

    Situations… yes, similar situations sometime seem to repeat themselves. But each time they do, it feels like I have more experience, more wisdom to apply to them, and the outcome works out better and better.

    While I’d like to think I’m in control of my own destiny, I think it is possible that everyone has a destiny, and maybe the reason some people are more miserable is because they are fighting coming to that place of fulfilling it.

    ~ Kristi

    Kikolani’s last blog post..Discover More About Yourself Through Blogging

  14. Well Dragos, this one certainly gets the thoughts flowing.

    I think that a lot of what seems familiar in others is on some level a reflection of some part of ourselves. Have you ever noticed how when you are focused on something you will begin to notice it in the world around you? For example, if you are working to manifest a certain quality more fully, all of a sudden you become very attuned to those who have that same quality (or those who lack it).

    When I notice familiarities reoccurring, I try to see those things in my own personal life. It’s like a mirror that only became visible because there was something that I needed to see. The interconnection between people can be so obvious at times, and yet the reason for that connection is not. To a large degree, what we see in others is our own reflection.

    Jonathan – Advanced Life Skills’s last blog post..When Your Inner Voice Speaks Do You Listen?

  15. Hi Dragos,

    I have had similar meetings and even when visiting places had felt a strong connection. I had been there before or knew someone like this new acquaintance.
    I find it interesting and really only thought it was coincidence but it has happened several times now and I know it is fate.
    The refreshing part is the acquaintances are strong minded supportive people. Good people that I learn from – not only other interests but about myself.
    These acquaintances have become friends – ones for life.
    I enjoyed this article very much.

    BunnygotBlog’s last blog post..TV Fanatics, Shopping & The Anti-Aging Miracle

  16. Dragos, this is great. I find some of the same things like reoccurances fitting together. Not only that, but even seeing connections or parallels between the decisions I have made leading me in a consistent direction over time. Those decisions become easier and easier to make though for me as I’ve learned that they will naturally fit into my master plan.

    Great article, very thought provoking!

    Mike King’s last blog post..The Imaginative Mind: Social Creativity

  17. I agree we see signposts in our lives, but I believe they are a measure of our cognitive awareness. For instance, the first time I bought a Jeep, l suddenly noticed there were far more of them than I had seen before. This is a mundane example, but it applies to the esoteric portion of our lives as well. Once you become aware of an area in your life that needs improvement, you notice many examples of that area’s impact on other people, both the good and the bad. The key is being able to monitor these signposts, and react accordingly. When you notice more positive signs, you are on the right track, and if they are negative signs, you need to reevaluate.

  18. @william thanks for the comment and for sharing this, sounds extremely interesting, I will check out Lynne’s book. Have a great day too 🙂

  19. Zero Point Energy Field can help explain the interconnectivity that you feel.
    “The Field” by Lynne Mctaggart is a book that collects a large amount of data on scientifically significant factual experimental results that show some of the interconnectivity of the universe. The Zero Point Field may be of some interest to you in your pursuit of truth. Enjoyed your blog have a great day.

    william’s last blog post..Deliberate Creator Of ones Own Reality

  20. @Mara seems like you need to free yourself and you’re moved by others that expose public proof that they’ve succeeded at this. To be free starts from within and it manifests only later. And only if there is a need for that.

    @Io_da in any case an easily-emotionally-agitated, sensual-oriented guy is easier to control, not only in a shifting and reframing period. i don’t walk that path. Been there, done that, I’m going forward, not backward. Whoever wants to come with me is welcomed ;-).

  21. Just a general observation from my own experience,,,
    With all this shifting and reframing, it’s more likely that you will be targeted by hidden powers that know that an easily-emotionally-agitated, sensual-oriented version of you, is much easier to control. Their outcome is to convert genuine and sincere masculinity into peer-dependent, status-conscious consumerism. This is especially true if your success manifests through your finances and health. Pressure will ease after relocating, I guess,,,,,???

  22. The feeling is devastating and positive. I become suddenly inlove 🙂 Mainly it’s about people who choose to live their lives free, without too many social restrictions. And also this brings a part of “dark” aspect of life, not so moral which is experienced by those people… messengers, I like this word 🙂

  23. Hi Mara,

    I don’t know the message of those people because you are the only one who can learn that. The message is for you and only you. Try to understand what exactly creates that devastating feeling. Take a step back and monitor your feelings. It’s them, physically? It’s a memory of something in the past? It’s a trigger to do something that you hate?

    Whatever might be it’s inside you, not outside, in them. Remember, they’re only messengers…

  24. Hi Dragos,

    I read your post and I experienced the same about persons, lately. The fact is that in some moments of my life, I met persons with the similar profile that touch my life. Even then and now, I cannot understand their message to me. Can be a message of opening in understanding life, or can be one trait of mine which I didn’t feed it too much until now, or even hide it. Every time when I meet this type of person, the effect on me it’s a devastating. Latelly, I manage not to let me affect so much but still…what can be the message?


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