The Muddy 30 Days Challenge – Second Update

It’s been 15 days since I started a 30 days challenge involving some serious changes in my habits, both physical and emotional. If you want to know more about it, have a look at the first post describing it.

So, what’s new?

First of all, I logged each day in my journal, and that, in itself, is one of the biggest rewards of this challenge so far. Being able to record my feelings, my activities and my progress, in a linear way, it’s very comforting. And it adds a very necessary layer of stability for this period, which seems to be just a bit stormy.

Second, I experience an increased awareness related to my relationships. Both business and personal relationships. I started this challenge in order to clean up the “mud”, or the unnecessary weight I carry with me in my relationships. Sometimes this “mud” is mine, meaning it’s an outdated way of responding to others, sometimes it’s other people’s “mud”, meaning it’s their fears or apprehensions that I have to deal with, one way or another. I started to see how I project my expectations onto other persons, and how I become frustrated when these projections don’t “click” with reality. I also increased the speed of my relationships, meaning that when something it’s not good for me anymore, I have the courage to get out of it faster. Which translates in less loss for me, both on the financial and emotional layers (remember, this challenge it’s about both business and personal relationships).

Physically, I’m feeling fit and in shape. I started to swim and I restarted my running routine. I intend to run my 3rd marathon this fall, on October 6th, in Bucharest. I still have 3 months to train, which will be the most complete training for a marathon I did so far. If the right conditions will be met – meaning if I will have the necessary time to improve my swimming skills – I intend to go to a full triathlon in September. That would be a first for me, by the way.

I still experience some “roller coaster” feelings every now and then, but I’m starting to get used to it. It still feels a bit dizzy to go through these changes, but at least I can keep my daily routine in order.

I took out some people from my life and I let others come in again. It’s temporary for both categories, until the challenge is over. Meaning I won’t make a final commitment as for who is going to stay out and who is going to stay in, until the whole challenge is over. I still have 2 weeks to figure that out.

One of the most interesting things that happened during this challenge was that I spent a whole day on the set, filming for a commercial as a tango dancer. It may look completely boring from the outside, but it was very enlightening for me. I already lined up an article about it and I’ll publish it soon.


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