The Power Of Intention

If you ask a teenager these days about the Law Of Attraction, chances are that you will get a decent answer. Most likely, that teenager will know at least the basic information on the topic. He may even give you an example or two about his own experience with the Law Of Attraction.

And that’s very good. Ten or twenty years ago, this was unconceivable and even regarded as borderline fraud. What is this non-sense, what are you talking about? There is no Law Of Attraction, this is just stupid new-ageish gibberish.

There is a good side of this situation and a not-very-good side of it. The good side is that more and more people are exposed to this kind of knowledge and they can pick their tools of choice to implement it in their lives. The not-so-good side is that, being so popular, many so-called law of attraction gurus are giving incomplete or even false information on it. Some of them are doing it on purpose, to manipulate, but most of them are just not very good at it and, by ignorance and confusion, they skip some important parts of it.

I wanna talk about the later category (since the first ones, the manipulators, are still in minority, and by the very workings of the Law Of Attraction, they eventually attract manipulation and theft onto themselves too).

The Power Of Intention

People who are starting to practice or to preach the Law Of Attraction are often forgetting one of the most important parts of it. I’m talking about the intention.

Yes, by visualizing the reality of your dreams you may attract it. Sooner or later. Yes, by creating vision boards you may gain clarity and that will bring your goals closer. Sooner or later. Yes, by writing affirmations on your walls or in your notebooks, your life will eventually change. Sooner or later.

But beyond those actions in the physical plane, there is something way more powerful, at the non-physical plane: the intention.

I found out in my practice that intention plays a fundamental role here. First of all, there must be an intention. A direction of the action, something clear. If you just do it “for the sake of it”, the results will be weak.

Second, the intention must be aligned with some fundamental values. Compassion, gratitude, love are just a few. The wish for others to be happy is another one. Aligning your intention with these vibrations acts like a big amplifier. It pushes the entire mechanism faster and the results are manifesting sooner.

And third, the intention must be strong and clear. It must be something that you’re willing to do for a significant amount of time, otherwise it will just vanish. We are still feeble creatures and discipline is not our most commonality. That’s why you should set up your intention to be part of your daily routine. Or part of your lifestyle Something that may be sustained for a long time.

If you do this, something very interesting will happen. Not only you will stumble upon the right circumstances, not only you will be presented with the right opportunities, but you will also be exposed to the right people. They may come in the form of friends, business partners, teachers or even spiritual career advisors,, but they will come and they will support your actions.

Intention And Emptiness

One of the cornerstone teachings of Buddhism is “emptiness”. It’s probably the most difficult to understand – because it’s not voidness, nor nothingness – but also the most powerful. Emptiness is the absence of an impossible way of living. In simpler words, emptiness is the process of getting rid of illusions, confusions and projections. It empties the reality from them, leaving just the truth.

An aligned intention will make the process of cutting through the illusion more effective. A foggy intention, an hesitant intention, will add more clutter to an already clogged perception of reality, delaying the process of seeing through emptiness directly.

So, every time you set up a goal, every time you make a decision, try to understand and clarify the intention behind it. Is it strong? Is it something that can be maintained for a long time in your life? Is it aligned with a constructive vibration, like gratitude, love or compassion? If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then you can be sure the results will start to manifest rather sooner than later.

But keep in mind that we are still limited beings (limited by our current confusion, not inherently and eternally limited). So things may not unfold in the expected order. You may have your own scenario about how everything should play, but sometimes things may take a different turn. If that happens, just stay there. Be calm and carry on. Maintain a strong intention and focus on being useful to other people.

Have a personal story about setting up an intention? A piece of advice? Feel free that share it in the comments.

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  1. Wow! I agree completely with you and such a strong view point. I was actually talking to a couple friends about this recently. The law of attraction is great but intention is where action and results really happen. Thank you!


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