The Random Post

Every once in a while, I get to a point where there’s a bit of balance. The major pain points have been addressed, there’s a backlog of stuff that can wait to be further processed and, generally speaking, there’s not much left to be done for the day. This tends to happen more often than not on Fridays, if I had a good week, but it happened in other days too, when I had time and energy to solve all on my plate.

When I’m in this place, when I’m experiencing some balance (or at least some respite from the ongoing effort of, you know, just surviving) I have two very fast reactions, almost like a one-two punch.

The first one is to look around, whispering “are you kidding me, that was it, I’m free for now?”

And the second one is to just breathe and look around without asking anything, just enjoying the pause.

But it always follows this pattern: first, I don’t actually believe that I crossed off all the major tasks from my list, still waiting for something to pop around me, and then, in the second step, I decompress.

If you didn’t realize it so far, I’m in the decompressing more while I write this. Hence, since I don’t have anything more on my list, including a topic for today’s post, I decided to go with a random one. Meaning I had no idea about what to write today, and yet, I’m typing words and sentences.

It’s an interesting concept, you know? The “random” one, I mean. How can you actually say something is just “random”? How can you un-connect it from everything that may be connected to it and attribute it only to pure randomness. Even more, is there something like pure randomness, there is such a thing? How can we measure how “random” something is?

The topic of location independence, for instance, wouldn’t be random at all, since it’s one of the 3 main topics of this blog. Whereas green iguanas, by all means, these are very random in this context. Especially since I don’t know anything about green iguanas. So, relax, I’m not going to write about green iguanas. Or red iguanas, for what matters.

As a matter of fact, I think I’m not going to write about anything more now. It’s Friday, it was a long, long week, with a lot of changes and progress on many areas of my life, so I will take some time off, walking around Alfama’s streets, in Lisbon.

Yeah, I moved to Lisbon. Eventually. How random is that, right?

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