The reality within: beating Sundays

We talked several days ago about the Reality Within, the way your memories and habits are dictating your actual behavior. Let’s make it a little more exact, let’s talk about a specific reality: the Sundays reality.

You have inside of you all the memories of your Sundays: since you were a baby, since you were a child, since you were a teenager… Is all there, forming a heavy energy vortex that is keeping your energies in a certain configuration, and letting out only parts that are conformed with the initial model.

I don’t know about your Sundays, but mine were a total inactivity realm, doing nothing, waiting for nothing, or, at the best, watching a 3 hours TV show at the only TV station allowed in Romania at that time, a mix of old comics and propaganda. No socializing, no travel. We were not allowed to use the cars – the lucky guys that had a car – unless we respected a strange algorithm: those with the license plate ending in even number, one week-end, those with the license plate ending with a non-even number, the next week-end. Some of you could consider that a very ecological approach. Maybe. At that time I wasn’t judged things this way, I just wanted to go out.

From time to time we were visiting our grandparents, who had a country household, with house pets: cows, pigs, chicken. All that we can do was to talk and eat something, because on week-end there isn’t much to do in the country side.

This is my Sunday inner reality. This is what is emerging every Sunday and dictates my attitudes and overall feelings about Sundays. No surprise that every Sunday I feel tired, overcome and somehow lazy. My inner reality of Sundays is rising an inactivity wall around myself.

How can I beat this:

1. First of all, try to get out as much as I can. Most of the time without a precise goal, just erratic rides, with my girlfriend (in the beginning) and with the family (now that I become a little more mature)…

2. Do stuff. Any kind of stuff. It helps me forget that it’s Sunday and let me focus on the immediate reality. I try to clean the house, work on my computer, or shop for the next week.

3. I make a conscious exercise about those Sundays by telling to myself: “well that was then, now it’s another story… it’s a completely different reality, you better start doing something and let that ball of attracting stillness in yourself to dissolve, because it’s not needed anymore…”.

I basically try to put in perspective what is formed inside of me, by talking it out loud, and compare it with what’s outside, what makes me really move now. I do know that the Sunday reality inside me is a heavy mechanism, it can’t be moved only by thinking or talking or blogging about it, but all of these are surely weaken the mechanism.

Escaping the reality within is the only way to put me in the “here and now” reality. Where all the fun is, by the way 🙂

4 thoughts on “The reality within: beating Sundays”

  1. Pretty interesting how many different views to the same day we can find…

    Very nice for you Simonne to have such a happy environment, I had to work hard (attentidng to all those parties and with the going out) during my adult era in order to overcome my lack of parties in the childhood… Or at least I guess I had that lack of parties 😉

  2. I would have never believed in the early 90s that those past times would chase us still, 17 years later. I still remember how I never understood why my father would not listen to me and paint the last figure of our car plates, which was a 3, to make it an 8, so we can go out every Sunday.

    As of Sundays, I had the luck of a “crazy” environment: I grew up in a family which adored parties, dance, friends, music; so for me, Sunday was the party day, the mountains trips day, movies, theater… These are all gone, and now Sunday is for me “just another day”. Am I sorry? Probably not.

  3. I find that the ritual of seeing the grandparents every Sunday similar with playing with my kids.

    Do my kids have a gain from this, do I, do my parents, do my grandparents?

    For being able to change twisting roots first one has to accept and understand them.

    For me, Sunday is a rituals day.


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